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A student who is going to Canada for Study visa and take his spouse or parents along on a visitor visa or probably by depended?

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The immigration policy of Canada is quite generous that allows certain family members of foreign students to visit the country to study and/or work. Here, family members refer to the partner/spouse, conjugal partner/common-law, dependent children. So, before you leave for the country, your family members can apply for the visitor’s visa (or open work permit in case of the spouse) at the Canadian Embassy, Visa Application Centre, or Consulate service your country of legal residence or citizenship. This can also be done at the same time when the student is applying for their study permit.

If the student is already in Canada for study purpose and want to invite their family to join them, they can support their visitor’s visa application through the documents listed here:

Letter of InvitationA student will have to write a letter of invitation on their family’s behalf. They must include the following details in the letter:
Full name, address, contact details, and date of birth of the relativeName, address, contact details (in Canada) of the studentAn invitation letter for the family member to join them in Canada and the duration of the stay 
Documents of Current StatusFor this, students need to attach the below-listed documents:
Copy of study permitCopy of work permit, if availableConfirmation of the enrolment letter from the registrar’s office
Finance-Related DetailsHere, students will need to give details of the finance if they are inviting their partner or dependent kids to Canada to stay with them during their studies:
Copy of the last 4 months bank statementsScholarship details, if anyThe letter indicating the amount a student is getting from their work, if they have any job in CanadaLetter from the sponsor (if they have) adding the details of financial circumstancesDocuments-related to other financial support  

Even though Canadian authorities allow spouses to have a work permit to work in Canada, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will not take the possibilities of extra income into consideration while assessing the financial support.

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