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Difference between MPH & MHA and what are the possible alternatives in Ireland /UK/Australia?

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Health professionals who want to go higher often seen a master’s degree program to advance their careers and take their existing job roles to another level. With numerous options available, many ambitious students often compare the benefits of pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH) and a Master of Health Administration (MHA). By knowing the difference, you will be in a better state to guide a student.

What is MHA?

This program is designed to train students to investigate various health-related issues within a specific population. Students enrolled under this program study the techniques that they use to discern different patterns of illnesses in communities. In addition to learning and identifying the different patterns, they will also understand the right way of responding to them by designing and implementing the community health programs to solve health-related problems of the targeted population. 

What is MPH?  

This program is designed to help students understand how to manage healthcare organizations like hospitals and nursing facilities. Students who study MHA program often learn the core principles of running and managing a business. Once they are familiar with the techniques, they will easily be able to apply the principles in the real-world healthcare environment.

MHA vs. MPH: What is the Major Difference?

Every student will have their personal reasons to go for a master’s degree. For instance, students who are interested in a degree that emphasizes more on a diversified range of health care leadership and higher level of opportunities may choose the MHA program. On the other hand, students who are searching for a program with a deeper science curriculum may go for the MPH program. Both the degrees have possible concentration that can help students pursue a career that they want.

When it comes to the alternative or related course options in Australia, UK, and Ireland:

Name of the CountryName of the Country/CollegeName of the Course/Program
AustraliaThe University of SydneyMaster of Science in Medicine (Infection and Immunity)Master of Teaching (Health and Physical Education)
The University of Adelaide (UoA)Master of Philosophy (Public Health)
University of WollongongMaster of Public Health Advanced
Curtin UniversityMaster of Philosophy (Public Health)
University of Southern Queensland (USQ)Master of Counselling (Alcohol and Drug Studies)
The University of Western Australia (UWA)Master of Dental Public and Primary HealthMaster of Health Professions Education – Coursework and DissertationMaster of Research (Dentistry-Public Health)Master of Research (Medicine-Public Health)
The University of QueenslandMaster of Environmental Health SciencesMaster of Public Health Major in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other DrugsMaster of Public Health Major in Global HealthMaster of Public Health Major in Health Promotion and Disease PreventionMaster of Public Health Major in Indigenous HealthMaster of Public Health Major in Nutrition
Griffith UniversityMaster of Global Public Health
University of New South Wales – UNSWMaster of Health Management (Extension) / Master of International Public HealthMaster of Health Management (Extension) / Master of Public HealthMaster of Health Professions Education (Research)Master of International Public HealthMaster of International Public Health / Master of Health ManagementMaster of International Public Health / Master of Infectious Disease IntelligenceMaster of Public Health / Master of Infectious Disease Intelligence
The Australian National UniversityMaster of Public Health (Advanced)
James Cook UniversityMaster of Health Professional EducationMaster of Pharmaceutical Public HealthMaster of Public Health – MBA – Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
UKUniversity of GlasgowHealth Professions Education (with Research) MSc (Research)Infection Biology (Microbiology Specialism) MScPublic Health (Data Science) MPH
Coventry UniversityPublic Health Nutrition MSc
University of LeedsInfection, Immunity and Human Disease MSc
University of South WalesSafety, Health and Environmental Management MSc
University of BristolNutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health MSc
Brunel University LondonSpecialist Community Public Health Nursing: Health Visiting MScSpecialist Community Public Health Nursing: Occupational Health Nursing MSc
University of PortsmouthEnvironmental Geology and Contamination MSc
Northumbria University, NewcastleEnvironmental Health MScSafety, Health and Environmental Management MSc
Queen Mary University of LondonDental Public Health MScDental Public Health, Policy and Leadership MScGlobal Public Health and Policy MScPublic Mental Health MSc
King’s College London, University of LondonAddiction Studies MScMaster of Science in International Addiction Studies (IPAS) MSc
University of NorthamptonSpecialist Community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN) (Top Up) MSc
IrelandUniversity College DublinMaster of Public Health (Nutrition)MSc in Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science
Trinity College DublinM.Sc. in Healthcare Infection ManagementMaster in Science in Public Health and Primary Care
National University of Ireland, GalwayMaster Health Science (Public Health Nursing)Master of Health Sciences (Clinical Education)MSc (Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety)
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