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How do we verify our study documents via WES?

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World Education Services (WES) send the photocopies of the documents both by standard postal mail and electronically to the issuing university or authorities with a letter requesting verification. As soon as the university or concerned authority verified the authentication of the documents, WES proceeds with the process and issues the assessment report. No report will be issued by them until we get a response from the university.

Response time varies from one university to another. It can take a few days or sometimes for several weeks. If we do not get any response from the university within 7 weeks, WES sends another request automatically.

In general, there is no need to take any action during the process, but you can have the following expectations:

  • If the university asks for a fee for the verification process, you will need to ask the student to pay the fee to the university directly
  • If the university needs authorization from you before the verification process, send them a letter and allow them for the same

Even though this process takes time, the benefits will lead you to get a verified and accurate WES evaluation report that is accepted and trusted by the universities and colleges around the world.

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