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How is BIS different from MIS?

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Look at the following points to understand the difference between MIS and BIS:

MIS: MIS stands for Management Information System. It refers to the larger infrastructure used by companies or businesses wherein Information Technology IT is one component of the MIS infrastructure that is used for collecting as well as transmitting data. More details of MIS have been listed here:

  • It provides the businesses with the information needed to make decisions for their development and growth
  • It ensures interoperability of the management on  operational and strategic levels
  • It enables effective communication between employees and managers
  • It find outs  the changes inside the organisation and its environment, supports problem-solving ability, and corrective action implementation
  • It helps businesses/companies improve their research and development processes
  • It helps organisations preserve their knowledge

BIS: Refers to the Business Information System, BIS includes above listed IT and MIS systems supporting various areas of the business operations i.e. production, financial, sales, and logistics. The following are the examples of BIS:

  • Strategic Information System
  • Marketing Information System
  • Business Intelligence
  • Logistics Information System
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