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Is it necessary that the student must have math if he/she wants to study nursing in any country?

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Yes, in most of the study abroad destinations, math is a mandatory subject for nursing courses. Look at the following to understand it better:

  • Canada

Here, you will get diploma and undergrad courses of nursing. The Canadian Nurses Association (the national licensing body) recommends all professionals obtain their degrees as needed in a particular province except Yukon and Quebec territories. To get admission either to a diploma or an UG course, all students must have subjects such as English, Math, Chemistry, and Biology along with Physics. Students who are without the essential requirements can go for the pre-nursing year offered by several nursing schools.

Now, the question is – what can you expect from math coursework in a nursing degree program? Some math topics like algebra is one of the most common requirements for prospective nurses. Some nursing degree programs also require coursework in statistics and probability. In some nursing programs, you may need to study specialized coursework in medical math as well.

  • UK

Nursing is considered an extremely competitive area of study. A student must have excellent academic background along with the right personality to take on such a challenging yet demanding role. In addition to this, you much have impressive numeracy skills and this can be gained through mathematics. Along with this, you will need the following for nursing courses in the UK:

  • IELTS Requirements: Overall 7.0 and 6.0 in every component
  • International Baccalaureate Requirements: 30 Points
  • A-Levels Requirements: ABB
  • Ireland

In most of the Irish universities and colleges, you will also be needed the math. To put it simply, the ‘read world’ of nursing generally requires the knowledge of basic math skills but almost all nursing programs need at least one college-level math class – typically algebra. Some nursing schools in Ireland may also require the basic understanding of statistics as well. In addition to math, other essential subjects include English and Lab Sciences – Physics, Physics with Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry, and Agricultural Science. Still, it is recommended to check for this requirement before applying  to your preferred nursing course and university.

  • Australia

An international student willing to pursue nursing course at an Australian university can enter a diploma, bachelor, or master of nursing after fulfilling the necessary prerequisites. For instance, if you are planning for a bachelor’s program, you must complete your class 12. However, completing class 12 is not alone enough to get admission, you will need good grades too across STEM subjects (math, chemistry, physics, biology, etc.) along with good English competency and overall IELTS score of 7.0. In simplest terms, we can say that in most of the cases (almost all cases), math is an important subject to have for nursing.

  • New Zealand

This country is also known for providing industry-specific nursing courses. However, some universities can allow you to enter the course even without math. For the courses such as Bachelor of Nursing, you will need to fulfill the following:

  • 12 years of education (schooling) and an overall 75% in the All India Senior Secondary School Certificate (AISSC) along with 70% in English
  • 12 years of education (schooling) and an overall 75% in the Indian School Certificate (ISC) along with 70% in English

Some nursing schools, universities or colleges may not require you to have math in class 12 but chances are too low. However, you can check online or get in touch with AEC for details.

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