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Types of accommodations in Canada? How can I plan for it?

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In Canada, you will find the following types of accommodation options:

Type of AccommodationDetails of the Accommodation
Student Residence: Dormitories and TownhousesDormitories are larger housing buildings, while townhouses are detected housing for 3-6 students. In a dormitory, you will get a common area for cooking, entertainment, and cooking along with shared bathrooms and managed by the university mainly. For first-year students, this is the best housing choice.
Townhouses, on the other hand, have 3-6 bedrooms with single occupancy rooms along with a kitchen and living area. This is the best choice after first-year. Both options may contain utilities like hot water, internet, etc.
Off-Campus Shared Apartment or CondominiumThis housing option provides students with a separate room (may be 1 or 2 roommates) and a living area. Like townhomes, you will get a single occupancy bedroom along with a shared bathroom, kitchen area, and dining area. However, it is important to keep in mind is that the rental costs for off-campus housing options vary dramatically, mainly in the larger cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.
Homestay or Host FamilyChoosing homestay option can come with a sense of home and security. Host families generally provide students with a private room and may serve 1-3 meals along with internet access. However, you may require to travel 30-40 minutes by train or bus to reach the campus as homestay options are not situated to nearby the universities and colleges.
Unfurnished or Furnished ApartmentsThese options are also available if you want to find a temporary accommodation. To find one, you can take help of internet.
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