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What is the approx expense for on-campus accommodation and outside accommodation in Canada?

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It is quite common for most students to prefer on-campus accommodation options in their first year. In such an accommodation option, students generally share a dorm or dormitory with another roommate, sharing amenities such as social area, kitchen, laundry room with others. Students choosing on-campus accommodation should keep their budget between CAD3000-7500 (approx.) per annum, although the amount will also depend on which region you choose to live in.

For outside accommodation, the expenses will depend on the type and region you choose. Below, we have listed the type of accommodations along with the expenses:

Type of Accommodation Average Expenses (Approx.)
Homestays CAD 400 – 800 per month
Suite or Apartment CAD 400 – 1,500 per monthCAD 250 –700 per month (for shared)
Youth Hostels/ YMCA/ YWCA CAD 10 – 20 per night (for Youth Hostels)CAD 24 – 45 per night (for YMCA and YWCA)
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