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What is the difference b/w MBA & MBA executive in Australia?

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Look at the following table to understand the difference between an MBA program and Executive MBA  (EMBA) program in Australia:

ApplicationA student will need less work experience for the program and up to 5 yearsStudents who take the course are normally working professionals with around 10-15 years of experience
Students will need the minimum GMAT score to get admissionThere is no such requirement for the same but if the applicants are without a bachelor’s degree in business, they will need the minimum GMAT score 
DurationUniversities that are situated in European territory, the duration for the program is 1 yearIt is a 1-year part-time program, so applicants can work while studying this course
FeesIt is a self-funded programA certain part of the fees is covered by the employers
Many scholarships are available that students can take to support their studiesEven though the course can be self-funded, students can also avail of the scholarships available
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