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What is the procedure to purchase guardianship for students under 18 in Ireland? What is covered in it?

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Many parents who wish to educate their children in Ireland or the UK. Since they are not resident in these countries, under the British law’s Children Acts 1980 and 1989, every child receiving full-time education for more than 12 weeks should have a legally appointed guardian. With them, it is nearly impossible for a child to study in these countries.

The following are the reasons for having a legally appointed guardian:

  • The student should be at least 25 years old to bear all the responsibilities for him or her while abroad. If not, then guardianship can be purchased and legally appointed by the parents of these children
  • These guardians have the power to make decisions during medical emergencies
  • These individuals are responsible to represent the interests of the student in the court of Ireland, the court of England and Wales, in the police and legal institutions, and the immigration offices
  • They arrange a place to live for a student in case of suspension, expulsion, or illness 

This is just an indicative list of responsibilities handled by these legally appointed guardians. However, parents are suggested to do a background check before making a decision.

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