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What is the process to extend the study visa?

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If you want to stay back in Canada for study purposes, you will need extend your study visa. For this, you will need to apply at least 30 days before the expiry date of your current permit. However, it is good to apply at least 40-60 days. It is because if you need to renew your health insurance or Social Insurance Number (SIN), you will need a valid study visa for the same. You might get into the trouble if you do everything when only 30 days left.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to extend your study visa:

  • Step 1: Ensure you have everything what you need to initiate the process

To extend your study visa online, you will need scanned copied of all your documents along with a valid credit card or debit card

  • Step 2: Carefully and thoroughly read the instructions

It is always good to read the guidelines before starting the process. This will help you understand how to correctly complete each field.

  • Step 3: Know the amount you need to pay 

While following the online steps, it is suggested to check the financial part as well. You must check and keep the amount ready that you need to pay for the same.

  • Step 4: Keep the receipt with you

If possible, then download the payment receipt and keep it with you as it might be needed in future.

Before extending your study visa, it is advisable to do as much as online research you can to have a clearer picture during the process.

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