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Where can I get the best options for Hospitality courses in Canada?

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Canada is a beautiful country blessed with so many natural attractions and many of them are still untouched. This is the reason why Canada get its nickname – the Great White North. Canada is a vast wilderness. This country is not less than a paradise for those who love hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, etc. All these reasons make this country a favorite tourist spot.

And when the destination is so popular among tourists, you will find the best hospitality courses here. Some of the finest colleges and universities offering hospitality courses mentioned in the table below:

Name of the College/UniversityName of the Course/Program
Centennial CollegeDiploma in Hospitality (Hotel Operations Management) 
Humber CollegeHospitality and Tourism Management
Fanshawe CollegeDiploma in Food and Beverages Management (Co-Op.)
St. Clair CollegeDiploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management 
Ryerson CollegeB.Com. in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Seneca CollegeDiploma in Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Service ManagementDiploma in Tourism – Service Management (Specialization in Meeting, Events, and Conventions)Diploma in Tourism Service Management (Specialization in Travel Service)
Algonquin CollegeBachelor’s of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementDiploma is Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management 
George Brown CollegeDiploma in Tourism and Hospitality ManagementDiploma in Hospitality Hotel Operations ManagementBachelors of Business Administrations (Hospitality) (Honors)Graduate Certificate in Advanced Wine and Beverages Business Management 
Conestoga CollegeDiploma in Culinary Management (Co-op)Graduate Certificate in Global Hospitality Management (Optional Co-op)Diploma in Tourism – Destinations and Travel Management (Optional Co-op)Graduate Diploma in Global Hospitality Management (Optional Co-op)Diploma in Food and Beverage Management – Hotel and Restaurant Operations (Optional Co-op) 
Durham CollegeHospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management (Co-op option available)
Douglas CollegeDiploma in Hospitality ManagementPost-Degree Diploma in Hospitality Post-Degree Diploma in Hospitality MarketingPost Baccalaureate Diploma in Hospitality Services Management
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