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Why should I choose colleges not Universities in Canada?

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Well, there are numerous reasons behind choosing a college not a university in Canada. Some possible reasons may include:

  • Most of the universities in Canada require 16 years of education. While colleges only ask for 15 years of education. This means if you have a normal degree (except and similar), then you first need to go for a one-year diploma to get admission to your dream university. But, for colleges, you do not require going for this additional education.
  • Another reason for choosing colleges over universities is the number of seats. For instance, if a college has 40 seats for a program, the university may have 100+ seats for the same. Even though the numbers look impressive in universities, you will get individual attention while studying in colleges.
  • Money is something that has a direct impact on this decision. Since most colleges in Canada are government colleges, the cost is nearly half of the universities. If you have a restricted budget but want to pursue your study abroad dream, you can choose to study in a college.
  • Last but not the least reason for choosing colleges not universities in Canada is – a higher success rate. Canadian colleges have around 80-85% employment rate which is quite higher when compared with the universities’ rate.
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