Manjot Singh


The University of Melbourne, Australia

Course- Masters of Engineering
“It was like ‘Dream come true’ when I landed in the most livable city on this Planet i.e Melbourne and I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement when I stepped into the Country’s most prestigious University and ranked 32nd in the World i.e University of Melbourne. This was all because of Abroad Education Consultancy (AEC) and my counselor with whose hard work I am here and will be thankful to them throughout my Life. Though all my Academic and Financial documents were 100% complete but many of the agents in my city, Karnal turned their heads off my file and simply told me that it is very hard for me to get admitted in this University. But at the end, AEC by the Grace of God, they happily and confidently accepted my case and because of whom I am here. Again, I really want to appreciate AEC and all their counselors who work with full dedication to show pathway to many students like me and I wish AEC good luck to continue it even in more better way to get the blessings of many students who work hard but don’t see any opportunity due lack the proper guidance to fulfill their dreams and come with flying colours in future.”
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