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Most Affordable Universities to Study MBA in UK


Among all other countries, the United Kingdom is regarded as one of the best places to further one’s education. The UK is only one country behind the USA. Each year, UK and the USA compete to see who provides the best education in the world. Now, while the United Kingdom is one of the most expensive places to live, there are many universities in the country that offer high-quality education at reasonable prices. In terms of living, there are numerous part-time jobs available in the country that will assist in covering living expenses. Through this blog, we are going to discuss the best MBA colleges in UK for Indian Students and international students which are affordable and also MBA in UK eligibility. We are also going to discuss study MBA in UK for Indian students’ fees and how good they are in terms of providing education.

Some educational facts about UK

  • In the universities of UK majority of students are Asian
  • Business is one of the most preferred courses in UK
  • In London more than 300 languages are spoken
  • Golf was invented in UK and Scotland.

MBA in UK eligibility

  • A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent of it with a minimum of 60 percent and no less than 55 percent in any subject.
  • IELTS score of 6. With no less than 6.
  • Average backlog accepted is 8 for MBA
  • Minimum gap accepted is 5 years
  • GMAT score of 500-700 out of 800
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience.

Popular Courses in UK

  1. MBA
  2. Law
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. A. I (Artificial Intelligence)
  5. Computer Science
  6. Business Analytics
  7. Advance Clinical Practise
  8. Nursing
  9. Data Science
  10. Film and Media Production

Affordable Universities in UK

  1. London School of Commerce- MBA course offered at the London School of Commerce is specially designed to provide students with practical examples and develop their potential and skills so that they are very capable of managing and leading an organization to success. With the university providing in-depth knowledge and a better understanding of the market the course is perfect for students and open to a wide variety of backgrounds who are seeking for international job opportunities.
    1. Tuition fees- 6,000-7,000 GBR
    2. Course duration 1 year
  2. Leeds UniversityLeeds rating in The Complete University Guide reflects its success which has continued for the past several years in Accounting and Financial Management programs. Additionally, Leeds University was also named among the best universities in The Guardian’s Business, Management & Marketing rating from 2020 to 2021. MBA in the university focuses more on the practical approach and provides the student with various opportunities which they can avail and take advantage of to secure a great job in UK.  Leeds Trinity university is also one of the best MBA colleges in UK for Indian students.
    1. Tuition fees- 13,000-14,000 GBR
    2. Course duration- 1 year
  3. University of UlsterLocated in Northern Ireland the University of Ulster is home to more than 20,000 students and is also renowned all over the world as one of the best universities. An advanced degree together with actual professional expertise is offered by the MBA Management program. The curriculum enhances graduates’ pre-existing skills and competencies by giving them the tools they need to lead and supervise effectively across a variety of industries.
    1. Tuition fees- 13,000-15,000 GBR
    2. Course Duration 1 year
  4. University College BirminghamThe UCB MBA is made to fit the requirements of students looking to gain management and business abilities, and it aids them in becoming more productive and efficient as strategic leaders. In several curricular areas, University College Birmingham (UCB) is renowned for offering top-notch education and learning programs and consistently receives recognition from a diverse variety of key stakeholders.
    1. Tuition fees- 12,000-13,000 GBR
    2. Course duration – 1 year
  5. University of NorthamptonFor ambitious graduates, the MBA at the University of Northampton is a professional degree that is recognized across the world. The popular MBA courses offered here include Critical Problems in Business, Strategic Marketing, Economic Decision Making, Strategic Planning & Organizational Behavior, and Operating Operations. It is a thoughtful choice on the list of inexpensive MBA schools in UK.
    1. Tuition fees- 15,000-16,000 GBR
    2. Course duration- 2 years
  6. University of WalesAnother affordable MBA school in UK is the University of Wales. You will study how to combine cutting-edge research and practice in all key business disciplines to encourage business revolution in both the government and private sectors in their MBA course. Additionally, you learn how to apply creativity, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to creative business theory in a real-world scenario.
    1. Tuition fees- 13,000-14,000 GBR
    2. Course duration- 2 years
  7. University of Highlands and IslandsCommon core modules emphasize ethical and future preparation. The University of the Highlands and Islands provides two MBA programs full-time on campus beginning in January of each year: the Executive MBA and the Aviation MBA. Aviation safety and airport operations are two examples of specializations, as are their strategy, reporting, and social media comprehension in the Executive MBA.
    1. Tuition fees- 10,000-11,000 GBR
    2. Course duration- 1.5-2 years
  8. University of GloucestershireAt the University of Gloucestershire, experts from a wide range of backgrounds impart their knowledge to MBA students through seminars, lectures, and other differentiated instruction. You won’t have to pay a bunch to study how to become a successful business leader thanks to the low prices.
    1. Tuition fees- 9,000-10,000 GBR
    2. Course Duration- 2 years


Study in UK is one of the most sought-after study locations for overseas students due to its famous colleges and top-notch education. The MBA program in UK continues to be a favorite among foreign students out of all the courses that universities in the country have to offer. We hope that through this blog we were able to provide you with proper information regarding the best MBA colleges in UK for Indian students and international students, Study MBA in UK for Indian students fees and MBA in UK eligibility.

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