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Myths about Study in UK


When you consider pursuing education in the UK, what is the first thought that springs to mind?You’ll have to spend a great deal of money on it. It is merely a widespread misconception that it is impossible to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the UK for less than 15 lakhs. There are numerous misconceptions about the UK, despite its stunning scenery, highly regarded universities, first-rate amenities, and cosmopolitan environment. In this blog, we will bust the bubble of common myths about study in UK, myths about UK, and the myth of UK student visa.

Myths about UK

  1. No sunlight, it’s always rainy- The climate in the UK is perhaps one of the most pervasive urban legends about studying there. Let’s face it, the UK has a good lot of rain and a lack of year-round sunlight. But having four distinct seasons, from lovely sunny days throughout the summer to golden colors in the autumn and a biting frost in the wintertime is one of the nicest things about living in the UK. Although this does indicate that you’ll require attire for every situation, you’ll experience every type of weather while you’re here. It is a pure misconception to assert that there is no summer season in the UK.
  2. Minimum food options- One of the major myths about UK is that the UK has fewer food options, it’s completely bonkers because the United Kingdom has a very diverse food culture, offering dishes from all over the world. Many supermarkets feature ethnic cuisine sections where you may stock up on your favorites if you miss eating food that was prepared at home. Although some students do acquire odd eating habits (eating cold green beans directly from the can is not uncommon), who knows? Perhaps you’ll grow to adore them as well.
  3. British people are not friendly- Another of the most pervasive misconceptions about study in UK is that British people are inhospitable. The reality is that despite their propensity for being reticent, the British are typically pleasant and polite when speaking with them. Keep in mind that everyone at the university wants to meet new people. You won’t have any problem connecting with someone to talk. Numerous communities will exist, each one representing a different set of pastimes, passions, and even dialects. You may participate in some of them to meet others who have similar interests to yours.

Myths about Study in UK

  1. UK degree is not Valued worldwide- There seems to be a widespread misconception that studying in the UK won’t matter in the eyes of employers, this is one of the common myths about study in UK. This is far away from the fact that international experience is highly valued and even demanded by many international organizations, primarily in nations like the United Kingdom. Studying in a place with a strong cultural heritage, like that of the UK, can not only enhance your trust but also provide you with vital experience.
  2. Over-the-top living expenses- The cost of living for students varies with their preferences. A student’s expenses will increase if they are more sociable and want to buy at pricey outlets and dine at upscale restaurants. But if they plan their spending and benefit from the student discounts offered all throughout the UK, they could potentially save a lot of money. They may save money on just about everything, from stationery to business equipment and even luxuries like vacations, thanks to the numerous student discounts that are available. Students in the UK can browse at discount grocery stores to save money on their food.
  3. Hard to find jobs after graduation- Even though it’s accurate that UK institutions can’t promise employment immediately following graduation, finding a good job after completion totally depends on the student’s abilities. While studying, there are several chances for part-time employment. There is absolutely no assurance that you will secure a job after receiving a degree, regardless of where you study in UK or elsewhere in the world. However, employment and posting offices are available at UK institutions to assist students in finding employment. You have a good chance of landing a job since the UK has higher employment rates than most other nations. Additionally, according to the QS Global Survey, UK institutions create marketable graduates who can find work after receiving their degrees. As a result, many students are able to obtain employment.
  4. High or non-affordable college fees- One of the biggest myths about studying at university in the UK is that it is much more costly compared to many other countries. Many individuals have the impression that residing and studying in the UK is costly because they believe the value of the British pound is higher than other currencies. In actuality, As long as a student plans their finances well, studying in UK will not cost a fortune. The city, institution, program, and course they select are the only factors that affect the ultimate cost of their education. Potential candidates need to do some research in order to pick an affordable institution and location in the UK. For instance, a high-Rank Group institution will cost more than other universities if a student picks that one. Numerous colleges and institutions in the UK offer the exact level of education for less money. In addition, a lot of colleges offer scholarships and endowments as ways for overseas students to get financial help. Overseas students may be qualified to apply for need- and performance scholarships.

The myth of UK student Visa

Hard to get a visa- One of the myths of UK student visa is that it is difficult to get, it is partially true as the UK has some strictness but obtaining a student visa for UK is way easier than obtaining a student visa from another country. Students in any nation are not guaranteed a visa. Visa permits depend on a number of variables, including each applicant’s form, such as their purpose to study, their average spending, and their prior immigration background. The UK government is launching a new study permit that will enable students to study in the UK as well as stay for up to two years after graduating from college through the higher education immigration route in order to find employment in the UK, making the process much simpler for international students if all requirements are met. Approval of a visa is based on a number of variables. Nevertheless, if you possess the necessary paperwork and follow the procedure lawfully, it gets simpler.


Numerous overseas students go to the UK each year to study. There are also a lot of immigrants who come to the UK with the intention of staying and finding jobs. Universities in the UK also provide specialized clubs and services that assist students to adapt to their new environment. Even though it could take a little while to become used to new surroundings, hence the more time you spend there, the easier it gets. Through this blog, we discussed myths about studying in UK, myths about UK, and the myth of UK student visa and tried to clear all the misconceptions regarding study in UK. Hope this blog is helpful for you and helps you come out of all the misconceptions regarding study in UK.

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