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How to Retake IELTS test?


Didn’t get the desired score in your first IELTS attempt? Need not worry at all. There’s nothing wrong with achieving a better IELTS score second or third time after failing to achieve the desired results the first time. You can retake the IELTS test as soon as you feel ready. However, it is very important that you prepare English very well in the IELTS second attempt. Keep in mind that IELTS Score is unlikely to improve unless there is a tremendous effort to improve in English language. IELTS retake is allowed for both academic & general tests. But, before you jump in and retake the IELTS test, it’s very important to re-examine your strategy. Here are some of the Tips for retaking the IELTS test. Check it out below!

IELTS Second Attempt – Checklists

Please ensure that you’ve prepared well and better than the first attempt.

Try to identify areas or sections in IELTS tests in which you scored less and why?

Give yourself enough time to assess your shortcomings.

IELTS Exam Retake – Questions to ask yourself?

  1. Why the first attempt of the IELTS exam didn’t go well?
  2. Where was your major weakness in all the four modules of the IELTS exam: Reading, Writing, Listening, & Speaking, and Why?
  3. Was there any shortcomings in your IELTS test preparation strategy?
  4. Did you take any help from IELTS trainers or IELTS training institutes?
  5. Have you given a considerable amount of time to IELTS preparation?
  6. Did you try enough mock tests before the final IELTS exam?
  7. Have you shown dedication and commitment in continuously improving your English?

Tips for retaking the IELTS Test

Let’s discuss some fruitful tips to retake IELTS test:

  1. Take your own time- After your last attempt, give a break of at least 6 months before you retake the test. Don’t rush into it. Freshen up your mind, especially if your IELTS band score was lower than expectations. It takes time to improve language skills.
  2. Make a list of difficult areas which you faced in 1st attempt- Since you’ve already appeared for the 1st attempt, you don’t have to start from scratch during the IELTS second attempt. You’ll have a fair idea of which sections are important and which are not. Make a list of difficult areas or sections you faced while attempting in the first attempt and concentrate on those during the second attempt.
  3. Focus on those areas in which you lacked the most- Out of the IELTS sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, & Speaking, check out the areas in which you score the least in the first attempt. Focus on that area in your IELTS second attempt first and then improve on the other areas of the IELTS test. Stay committed and devote more time to preparation.
  4. Prepare a Time-Table schedule- Always follow a time-table schedule and stay committed to that. Don’t lose focus. Divide your time proportionately among the areas or sections in which you’ve to concentrate the most.
  5. Keep attempting multiple practice tests- One of the best tips for retaking the IELTS test is to keep practicing. Keep on attempting multiple practice tests and daily keep a track of your progress. Try to solve as many sample papers before IELTS Second attempt. Practice is the key to improvement. Attempt practice worksheets as much as possible and appear for as many mock tests as much. This will help you in keeping track of how you are performing and how to improve in future. Practice, Practice & Practice.
  6. Take professional coaching- During the preparation for IELTS Second attempt, if you’re facing any problem in understanding the basics in your weaker areas, consider hiring a Tutor or take the help of professional coaching. You can also consider enrolling in an IELTS training course for IELTS coaching.
  7. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself- Don’t over-pressure yourself while attempting to achieve a certain score. Focus on improving your English language rather than attempting every question to give every answer correct. Appear for IELTS second attempt only when you find yourself confident and ready.

IELTS Test Retake – Tips to improve Writing Section

  • From your first IELTS attempt, identify the problems you faced while attempting the Writing section.
  • It is very important to manage time during tests and keep the word limit in mind.
  • Spend at least 5 minutes brainstorming before attempting the writing section.
  • Make a note of the topics you are going to practice in the writing section.
  • Start practicing at home keeping in mind the time limit.
  • Take care of grammar and writing style.

IELTS Test Retake – Tips to improve Speaking section

  • Remain confident. Speak naturally what’s coming in mind. Don’t overthink about what you’re saying.
  • Use words you’re comfortable with in pronunciation. It’s not necessary to use big & fancy words.
  • Take a few seconds to first understand the topic. Don’t try to speak fast. Speak fluently even if you’re a little bit slow.
  • Practice at home by choosing any random topic to speak on. Record yourself for self-analysis and improvement.
  • Try to converse in English all the time at home. This will make you fluent in the English language.

IELTS Test Retake – Tips to improve Listening Section

  • Since the recording is played only once, stay focused and listen carefully. Note down the important pointers.
  • There is no negative marking, so don’t leave the answer blank. You can guess the correct answer.
  • Start listening to audio lessons, podcasts, watch videos, news and movies to better understand the language.
  • Practice at home in the same way as you will be in test center
  • Never exceed the word limit and proofread before submission.

IELTS Test Retake – Official Policy

There is officially no limit on the numbers of IELTS Test Retake candidates can appear. A candidate can appear for the IELTS Test as soon as he feels he is ready for it. The IELTS exam happens 4 times a month. The minimum age specified for IELTS Test Retake is 16. However, there is no upper-age limit to appear for IELTS Second attempt. For instance, Canada has increased the upper age limit to appear for IELTS test second attempt to 64.

IELTS Second Attempt – Fees

There is absolutely no limit to the number of IELTS retake tests. However, every time you appear for the IELTS test, you’ve to pay the complete fee of Rs15,500 as registration fees.

IELTS Test Retake – Ideal Time Required

The Ideal time for IELTS Test Retake is considered to be 8 weeks after the first attempt. However, it depends on an individual students’ capability and his skills. Some students can prepare for Retake tests in just 15 days, whereas some take a minimum of 2 months to prepare.

IELTS Exam Retake – Where to Apply?

Popular Institutions like the British Council & IDP offer the IELTS tests. Get connected with them.

Final Thoughts

It is highly frustrating for a candidate about not getting the desired scores in IELTS, and getting nervous for the IELTS second attempt. However, with your hard-work & dedication, you can improve your Score in the IELTS retake test. Learn from your past mistakes and carefully devise a strategy & plan for a second attempt. Conduct a SWOT analysis on your own. Hope this blog post has been able to shed light on How to retake the IELTS test and how you can avoid repeating your past mistakes during the first attempt of the IELTS test! Please share and like this blog!

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