Short Programs for Indian Students in UK

Short Programs For Indian Students In UK

Short Programs for Indian Students in UK

The UK is one of the top countries in the world offering quality education & many innovative courses. UK also offers fast-tracked Short Programs for Indian Students in the UK of 1 to 6 months long duration. These Programs are generally cheaper than a 1-year long degree. Many universities in UK are offering innovative & different short-term courses. If you are looking for Short-term Courses to Study in UK, this article is for you.

What is a Short Term Course to Study in UK?

Short-term courses are generally 1 to 6 months duration. They are offered as certificates & vocational courses. Students can apply to these Short-term Courses to Study in UK after completion of their 12th Standard.

Why Study Short Term Programs in the UK?

Here are the some of the primary reasons to Study Short Term Programs in the UK:

  • Personality Development: Gain confidence & professionalism by communicating with like-minded individuals from around the world.
  • Boarding life experience: Short-term courses are generally of 6 months duration. This time is sufficient to make you learn to stay independent.
  • Explore UK as a traveler: Short-term programs give you the hidden benefits of a vacation. These courses are held for a couple of hours in a day, so you get sufficient time to explore UK and its culture.
  • Add Weightage to Resume: Even if you are a graduate from India, a Short-term course from UK will add weightage to your resume. If you are a budding entrepreneur, there is a higher chance of investors investing in your business. You also get access to better job opportunities.

Communication Skills: A short-term program in UK also enhances the written & verbal communication skills of a candidate.

Short Term Programs for Indian Students in the UK: Eligibility & Requirements

  • Class XII Transcripts
  • English language proficiency test scores (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • LOR (Letters of Recommendations)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Eligibility requirements for these Short-term courses in UK may vary from universities to universities. Ensure that you visit the official website of the university to check their specific requirements.

How to Apply for Short-Term Courses to Study in UK?

Follow this admission process for Short-Term Courses to Study Abroad in UK:

  • Make a short-list of your university and short-term course of your interest.
  • Check the eligibility requirements & admission deadlines.
  • Register for English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL & PTE.
  • Attach all the documents to Study in UK.
  • Apply for a Short-term study visa after getting the call letter.

Cost of Short-Term Courses to Study in UK

The Cost of Studying Short-Term Courses in UK depends on many factors such as the type of course, its duration, the university which is offered etc. Due to its shorter duration, the tuition fee is comparatively lower. The average cost of Short Programs for Indian Students in the UK comes between INR 1,50,000 to INR 5,00,000 (approx.). For Short-Term courses, universities don’t offer accommodation, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment will come to around 600 Euro to 800 Euro per month.

Tuition fees for Popular Short-Term Programs in UK

University NameCourseDurationTuition Fees
Central Saint MartinsFurniture Design for Beginners6 Weeks465 Euro (approx.)
Chelsea College of ArtsGraphic Design Short Course1 Week665 Euro (approx.)
London College of CommunicationAnimation and Illustration Portfolio Preparation Short Course1 Week775 Euro (approx.)
London College of FashionFootwear Design Short Course2 Week950 Euro (approx.)
Imperial College LondonBusiness Analytics3 Week2820 Euro (approx.)

Popular Short-Term Courses to Study in UK for Business Management

Short-term CourseDurationOffered by
Entrepreneurship14 DaysCoventry university
Developing Negotiating skills19 DaysUniversity of Sussex
Hospitality Management3 monthsEuropean School of Economics
Principles of Business & Management19 DaysUniversity of Sussex
Fashion & Luxury Goods Management3 monthsEuropean School of Economics

Popular Short-Term Courses to Study Abroad in UK for Health & Medicine

Short-term CourseDurationOffered by
Introduction to Psychology21 DaysUniversity of Warwick
Health Promotion14 DaysLiverpool school of Tropical Medicine
Human Anatomy5 monthsUniversity of Glasgow
Child Nutrition14 DaysLiverpool school of Tropical Medicine
Pain Management3 monthsAnglia Ruskin University

Popular Short-Term Courses to Study in UK for Law

Short-term CourseDurationOffered by
Human Rights Law19 DaysUniversity of Sussex
Legal English14 DaysTorquay English Schools
Global Migration Law19 DaysUniversity of Sussex
International Law1 MonthUniversity of Edinburgh
Gender Equality & Law21 DaysUniversity of Warwick

Popular Short-Term Courses to Study in UK for Marketing

Short-term CourseDurationOffered by
Marketing3 MonthsEuropean School of Economics
Future of Branding5 DaysFuture London Academy
Digital Marketing Introduction2 MonthsBournemouth University
Digital Media Concepts19 DaysUniversity of Sussex
Communication for PR & Advertising21 DaysUniversity of Arts London

Popular Short-Term Courses to Study in UK for Journalism & Media

Short-term CourseDurationOffered by
Graphic Media design21 DaysUniversity of Arts London
Journalism21 DaysUniversity of Arts London
Cinematography1 MonthMetFilm School
Public Relations4 DaysBirmingham City University
Acting for Film1 monthMetFilm School
Visa Requirements for Short Programs for Indian Students in the UK

There are two types of Visa available to apply, depending upon the type of short-term course.

  1. For short-term courses which are of less than 6 months duration, apply for UK Visitor visa.
  2. For English courses of 6 months to 11 months duration, apply for short-term study visa.
  3. In both the cases, you have to submit the acceptance letter for Study in UK visa application.

Studying Abroad in UK is a dream for most Indian Students. Various types of Short Programs for Indian Students in the UK are available. These short-term courses help to kick-start your career growth and provide you with various career opportunities. These Short-term innovative courses offered by the Universities in UK can also help you to turn your passion into a profession. How do you like this post? Please share this post also.

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