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If you are planning to go abroad to study, it is for sure that you need the help of the consultants that will guide you in the best possible way. The consultants at AEC provide the best pieces of advice and way out that will help the student to get to the best possible future opportunity. For this, first of all, you need to consult the best study overseas consultant for Singapore in Faridabad, i.e., AEC. Studying in Singapore will provide you with a lot of opportunities in your career that the student might have never thought of.

Whenever you are consulting overseas consultants, you should be well prepared with a list of questions that you can ask them when you visit.

Important questions to be asked from the consultants at AEC How much will the course cost?

The very important question that is to be asked from the consultants is to know in detail how much the course will cost them. The course must cost the overall expenditure that will include the cost of living, personal expenses, university fees, additional charges, etc. The consultants at AEC will provide the clients with a tentative idea. From this idea of cost, the person can make sure that whether they can afford the course or not. Even our consultants will provide some comparison among the different courses that can be done from the different universities. So, according to the budget, the person can go for the course in the specific university.

Am I eligible to apply for the course of my choice?

Different people’s choice of interest will be different. Even there are chances that many foreign universities do not consider the degree done from any Indian university. So whenever you meet a consultant, you need to be sure that all the right information about the profile is shared with them. After discussing the profile, you tell them your choice for the courses. From this, the most important question will arise i.e., Am I eligible for the course or not? We will discuss this question by providing the minimum qualification regarding the course in the university. AEC consultants will convert the marks for you and check whether you can apply for the course or not. If not, then we will provide the best substitute for the course that the person can apply for.

Is the university accredited?

The next very important question to be asked from the AEC consultants is about the university in which the student is going to take admission. You need to ask everything regarding the university and even have to do a bit of research so that you know the overview of the university. Rely both on the information provided by us and the research you made. Both this information will help the person to make the best decision.

What will be the requirements to be fulfilled?

There are many legal and financial requirements that the person needs to fulfil while applying for the visa. The consultants at AEC will provide all the best information that is required to get the best outcome from the visa application file. We will guide our clients in the best possible way so that there are very few chances of rejection or any error in the file.

AEC at its best services

We assure that our clients are benefited from the best services at AEC as it is one of the most reputed studies abroad consultants for Singapore Faridabad. The success rate of visa applications is 97%, and even we have more than 15 years of experience in this field. 

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