Student Relationship Manager

Reporting Level

The student relationship manager reports directly to Team Leader. In case the team leader is not available, then the SRM reports directly to manager or the assigned senior position.

Roles & Responsibility

  • To understand the psychology, interest, preferences and etc. of the students and the parents to counsel them about education abroad.
  • Assist the students in short listing the course and institutions.

  • To ensure the student/ parent satisfaction, sorting out the student’s and parents’ query. Lead them accordingly if they come across to any ambiguity.

  • Establishing and maintaining good rapport with prospective students.

  • Helping students/parents towards a deeper understanding of their concerns.

  • Helping students/parents to make decisions and choices regarding possible ways forward.

  • Set up sales plan in order to achieve sales target required by the company.

  • Support, motivate team members to achieve individual and team target.

  • Build up good relationship with students and their families.

  • Work closely with other job functions in the company to improve overall services Level.

  • Immediate reporting of important issues (service, operational, HR) to direct senior Level, propose solution where possible.

  • Other duties reasonably relating to this position.


The SRM should possess the following qualities:

  • Prior Knowledge: About Canada- Country/ Education System/ Job Opportunities/ VISA and etc; fresher is acceptable only if the candidate possesses high sales and intellectual skills.

  • University degree, fluent in English, good Level of common office software.

  • Good communicator, strong sales and intellectual skills with proven track record.

  • Leadership skills

  • Problem Solving skill

How to Apply?

Please send your CV to with a subject ” Website – Sr. SRM Canada – Applicant’s Name”

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