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Things to Consider While Choosing Your Study Abroad Destination

Things to Consider While Choosing Your Study Abroad Destination


There are umpteen factors to keep in mind while making the most crucial decision of life – which destination is the best for studying abroad? While you can read articles, take quizzes, and speak to people about what might be the right destination for you, only you are the one who can make the right and informed decision for your brighter tomorrow.

Luckily, AEC is here to provide you with the right advice on what are the points you should keep in your mind while making such an important decision. And it does not include where your relatives are living or where your best friend is going.

Here are the things you should consider while choosing your study abroad destination:

  1. Affordability and Costs

Affordability is the major point you should keep in your mind while shortlisting countries for studying abroad. Everyone should take this point into serious consideration as future study plans majorly depend on the amount you can spend. If you are running short with money, you must look for the countries that offer pocket-friendly education with low to no tuition fees. Just remember that tuition fee is not the only thing you will have to shell out, you will need money for accommodation, food, travel, visa, textbooks, health insurance, etc. as well. Do thorough research to have a clearer picture of the amount you will need to survive during your study abroad journey.

  1. The Universities/Colleges and Courses Available

You might have a dream to study at an esteemed university. If yes, then look at the universities of the UK, US, Australia, Canada, etc. that constantly top in the global rankings. Since you are planning to study abroad, you might want a course/program that one particular country is known for providing. Before you finalize a country in your heart and mind, it is important to seek out the universities and colleges from all around the globe that offer exactly what you want in a program. Just because your friend is going to Australia or any other country, do not choose the same until the country has suitable courses or programs to offer within your budget.

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  1. Ease of Language in your Study Abroad Destination

Packing your bags and flying to a country like Japan or Spain can be a wise decision if you have a basic understanding of the language. Whatever language you speak i.e. English, make sure that the language is spoken in the country and university you have selected. If not, then spend enough time to learn the basic lessons of the language. You can also take a language test to be accepted into the university or the course of your preferred country. Apart from this, check for the national language of the country to become familiar with the same. Whatever you do and whatever you choose, do not assume. Make everything clear on this (language) aspect so that you can easily settle in that country.

  1. Proximity to Your Native Country

How far or close your host country is situated from your home is going to affect your BIG decision. Do you want to study in a country wherein you hop on a flight and reach home within a few hours of travel or do you want to come out of your comfort zone by studying abroad in a university located thousands of miles away? Can you afford to come home every holiday or semester break? What if there is an emergency at home? What if you won’t be able to settle down? No matter which place you choose to study, you will have to face several challenges.

5.Visa Rules and Regulations

Visa rules and regulations vary from one country to another, from one state to another and even from one province to another. You might want a country that has an affordable, straightforward, and smooth visa process. You could also pay some visa fees if you are passionate about studying and living in a particular country. You can also seek the help of experts like AEC to understand the visa regulations of different countries better.

Closing Remarks

Whatever you decide just remember one thing – choosing the destination for your education is completely in your hands. It is your life and you are the one who is sitting on the driver’s seat to drive it. For any other assistance like shortlisting countries, universities/colleges, and courses, admission application, study visa process, etc., get in touch with us by calling on +91-8448446609 or 011-43334444. You can also write your queries to us at

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