Things You Did Not Know About the University of Glasgow


Are you planning to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the UK? Have you heard about the University of Glasgow? If yes, then how much do you know? Whether you have decided to study here or are still contemplating, in this post, we have pulled some fascinating facts about the university that you may or may not be aware of.

So, let us get started with the Numero Uno:

The University of Glasgow is the 4th oldest university in the English-speaking world

The long history and inspiring architecture of the University of Glasgow make it an outstanding place to study. In 1870, the university management decided to move its main campus from the city center west to the current location. The university has a 12-level library which is one of the largest and oldest in Europe. Apart from this, the University of Glasgow is an important member of the esteemed Russell Group of the leading UK research universities.

Fact 2: The university has welcomed many famous personalities throughout history

This university has fostered the talents of 7 noble laureates and one of them is the Prime Minister and Scotland’s First Minister. The university has also invited the great Albert Einstein to give a lecture on the ‘origins of the general theory of relativity’. Furthermore, the world’s first ultrasound images (basic pictures of the foetus) were published by Ian Donald in 1958, a professor at the University of Glasgow.

Fact 3: The university ranked among the top 100 in the world university ranking many times

The University of Glasgow is an amazing option for international students, particularly for Indian students and with its current position in the rankings given by the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings, it has become a preferred choice among students to get admission here. This university has shown exceptional performance in areas like research, teaching, international outlook, and knowledge transfer. A degree from this university will help students stand at good stead with global employers.

Fact 4: A fun, positive, and balanced learning environment

The university is not only popular for its research and teaching capabilities, but it is also known for social and entertainment opportunity that they offer to students. The location of the university campus is quite strategic giving students easy access to nightlife, shopping avenues, and entertainment points. This university usually attracts students who are searching for a campus atmosphere that is livelier, dynamic, and full of positive vibes.

Fact 5: Reasonably affordable education

Even though the university is situated at the prime location in the UK, studying here is fairly affordable when compared to other prestigious and well-known universities located in the cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, and London. In the University of Glasgow, you will get two highly active student unions to help students and provide them with various services such as special events, gigs, etc. to make their studies even more fun.

Final Words

If you want to walk in the footsteps of some of the most renowned economists, scientists, or innovators of the world, you must choose to study at the University of Glasgow. To know more about the courses/programs available, application and study permit processes, scholarships and financial aids, you can give us a call on +91-8448446609 or 011-43334444 or share your queries at to get assistance for your career. You can also directly come to our office by booking your FREE counseling session for your profile assessment to find the right course at the university. For this, visit our official website and book your session now.

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