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Things You Should Not Do While Studying Abroad

Things You Should Not Do While Studying Abroad


Studying abroad can be an exciting idea but it comes with so many challenges. These are not the challenges related to education only but to settling down in completely new surroundings. From mingling with unknown people and adjusting to a new life to managing studies to finding part-time work opportunities, you will have to make a huge transition before you can get used to the new people and culture.

Everyone knows the dos’ of studying abroad but there are certain don’ts of the same that you must keep in your mind. Some of them have been listed here:

  1. Do not take your SOP lightly or consider it as an extension of the resume

It is said that haste is waste and the sooner is better. So, it is good to start framing your Statement of Purpose (SOP) in advance. Understand that your SOP is not just an essay but your voice to the university or college. Hence, it should be well framed. Thoroughly research about the various aspects and add everything related to your previous education, work experience (if any), the course, the university along with your future goals. Do not take your SOP for granted as your admission highly depends on it.

  1. Do not rely on unknown people easily

Living away from your home can put you at several risks. As you do not know the people and familiar with the situations, it is suggested to be very careful while making friends and relying on them. Whether your apartment neighbour gets humorous or you are taking special training or diet tips from a gym mate, it is advisable to maintain a decent distance until you get familiar with the person as well as with the surroundings.

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  1. Do not mess with your academic commitments

Studying abroad is an expensive affair and can change your life forever. So, it is advisable to take your studies seriously and devote most of your time to fulfil your academic commitments. There are universities/colleges that give pass/fail credits to their students. Some calculate your international marks or grades into your GPA. Attend all the classes on time and do not miss any exam to keep your academic records clean.


  1. Do not miss opportunities just because you are homesick

Remember, you have invested a huge amount to study in your dream country and university. Do not miss out on any opportunities just because you are feeling homesick. Do everything you can to deal with this issue. It is your chance to conquer your phobias, to meet people from different cultures, and always stick your neck out whenever possible. Do not hold back, just make the most of this opportunity to ensure a better tomorrow.

  1. Do not make bad habits your friends

When you are studying abroad and away from your family, you will have full freedom to live your life on your own rules. You will meet new people and make new friends. You will also get invited to social gatherings and parties. When you are at such events, the possibilities are higher that you may be offered some alcoholic beverages. While in a new place, some students take this thing as a part of the new culture and they agree to have it just because they want to fit in. However, it is not a healthy practice. Understandably, you want to fit in as soon as possible but it should not be done at any cost. This approach may put your safety and life at risk. Just be responsible and reasonable for everything.

  1. Do not misplace or forget your documents

Just imagine, you reach the airport and during check-in, you find that you have forgotten your ticket, passport, etc. at home. This drastic experience can ruin your entire plan and your mood as well. Therefore, you need to keep all your essential documents with you and double-check for the same before your departure. You can also keep copies along with the original documents.


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