Top 10 Overseas Education Consultants in Noida


Top 10 Overseas Education Consultants in Noida

Overseas education consultants assist individuals in realizing their dream of studying abroad. The primary role of a study abroad consultant is to provide proper guidance and assistance with all of the procedures that must be completed in order for a student to fly abroad and study at his desired university. Overseas education consultants are located throughout India and assist many students each year in flying abroad to study. The same is true for Noida, where overseas education consultants assist students from the Delhi NCR in flying abroad to study. Noida has many top-class consultants who can assist you in pursuing your dreams. In this blog, you will learn about the top 10 overseas education consultants in Noida and the services they provide.

Before we get into the top 10 overseas education consultants in Noida, here is some important information about the documents needed to obtain an overseas study visa.

  • Valid Passport
  • Offer letter from the university
  • Passport size photographs
  • Medical certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Bank statement showing proof of funds for your support abroad

Let us now move on to the top 10 overseas education consultants in the Noida list and talk about them.

Abroad Education Consultants (AEC)

When it comes to the top 10 overseas education consultants in Noida, AEC or Abroad education consultants are always at the top of the list. AEC Overseas was founded in 2006 and has since established itself as one of the best consultants guiding and assisting students studying abroad. Since our inception in 2006, we have been writing our names in history every day. To date, AEC has a 99 percent visa success rate and over 20,000 success stories of students studying abroad. We assist students in reaching every major destination, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Singapore, among others, and the services we offer are as follows:

  • Student-Profile analysis
  • Career Guidance
  • University/Course selection
  • Assistance in Admission
  • Visa Guidance
  • Pre-Departure briefing
  • Post-Arrival assistance

If you want to reach us, then you can contact us on 08069029999 or reach our address Unit No. TF/23, 3rd floor, Plot No. D-6, Wave Silver Tower, Sector 18, Noida – 201301.

Y-axis Overseas Consultant

The development of Y-Axis in the state of Maharashtra has been significantly aided by Vashi. We currently have a large number of offices in and around Mumbai and Delhi NCR, namely in Andheri, Bandra, Thane, Vashi, and Noida Since its founding in 1999, Y-Axis has steadily grown its clientele in both India and in strategic foreign places. One of the largest B2C immigration agencies worldwide and one of the top immigration & visa consultants in India is Y-Axis. With more than a million success stories, Y-Axis is the go-to visa and immigration adviser for many people looking into choices for studying abroad, migrating abroad, investing abroad, traveling abroad, and working abroad.


Edwise is your top choice shop for all of your necessities for studying abroad. They have extensive knowledge of educational options around the world and have been India’s Leading Overseas Education Consultancy since 1991. Their main focus is on supervising students toward the best decision when it comes to attending an international university. In addition to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, France, Germany, Dubai, Switzerland, Malaysia, and many more, Edwise also offers information about education abroad in these nations. The Edwise management team is made up of highly skilled experts with extensive backgrounds in international education. The four partners have all been abroad to study, work, live, and receive specialized training at various universities. This expertise and experience has been successfully and methodically transferred to the organization’s sizable team of academic advisers. The leadership team goes above and beyond to achieve excellent results because they are passionate about assisting students in developing successful careers.

Study Overseas Help

One of the most knowledgeable studies abroad advisors in Noida is Study Overseas Help. Having been in the industry for two years, they provide more than just abroad study consultants. For students who want to study abroad, they work with 1100+ top colleges from 30 different countries, spanning more than 62000 distinct courses. Even after your admission, they continue to offer career advice and comprehensive guidance. Our assistance is continued until our candidates find stable employment.

We have other offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, and Lucknow.

KC overseas education Noida

Since its founding in 1998, KC Overseas has grown to become one of the most reputable and coveted companies in the field of international education. Twenty years ago, a start-up business evolved into an established company with multiple offices spread across countries and two continents. Their expansion was gradual for the first 15 years, but it took off after the 2017 introduction of their EdTech platform, “Course Finder,” which combined their decades of industry experience with cutting-edge technology. Since then, they have been rapidly expanding throughout South Asia and South-East Asia.

Planet Education

The top education consultancy in India, Planet Education, provides global educational services in some of the most sought-after locations. Their main mission is to direct students in the right direction so they may effectively establish careers abroad. Few countries, compared to others, have a high rate of educational excellence, respectable living standards, amazing opportunities, significant economic potential, and good quality of life. They aspire to provide all these through them

IDB Education Noida

IDP is a market leader in providing services for international education. They support foreign students who wish to study abroad in nations that speak English. Their success is a result of matching students with the appropriate course at the appropriate university in the appropriate nation. With offices in more than 30 countries, we have been in business for almost 50 years and have built up a sizable network of opportunities.

GEV Consultants

When done with the assistance of a professional, studying abroad causes a significant shift in a student’s career path and is profitable and advantageous. GEV Consultant offers expert analysis on worldwide research. It helps students manage tourist visas, other visa types, and the acquisition of study visas for other nations. A few of the nations where GEV is well-known are Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Germany, England, Ireland, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, and Spain are all nations that are part of the Czech Republic. Students who enroll with GEV are provided with a range of services throughout the visa application process.

INNVICTIS EDUTECH Study Abroad Consultants

To assist students in achieving their career goals, “Innvictis Edutech” offers premium career counseling, individualized mentorship, and overseas education consultation services. They support students who want to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, MBBS, and diploma or certificate programs abroad. They also can assist students in selecting the University or College that is most appropriate for their Career and Budget thanks to our highly skilled team of career counselors and experts from India and outside. To prepare the kids for the future, we provide a clear vision and direction.

Espire Education

For more than 12 years, Espire Education has provided students from India, Nepal, Pakistan, and other countries with guidance for their studies and careers abroad. They provide services that assist students in reaching their goals and deciding on their future careers by assisting them with some of life’s most crucial decisions. More than 10,000 courses from more than 500 universities and private education providers in more than 10 countries are described by Espire Education. Our counseling procedure takes a distinctive approach to connecting student profiles with pertinent courses in light of anticipated industry needs at the local, national, and international levels.


The top 10 overseas education consultants in Noida are listed above; if a student wishes to approach any of these consultants, this blog will assist them in determining where to go and which consultants, in their opinion, can provide the best services.

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