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Top Reasons to Study in UK for Indian Students


The United Kingdom is the second most popular study abroad destination after the U.S for higher studies for Indian students. The capital London is the world’s largest international financial centre and known as the best place to study in UK. The UK colleges and universities have high-quality educational infrastructure with world-class teaching methodology for international students. With institutions like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge Education, UK offers freedom to be creative, innovative and supports you to achieve your best in academic life.
Here are top reasons why you should study in UK:

Internationally Recognized Universities

United Kingdom boasts of 76 universities that have found place in QS Rankings 2018, among which 4 UK universities are featured in the top 10 universities in the world. The UK Universities have always inspired people from all over the world and a degree from these UK Universities will be recognized and reputed internationally by universities and employers.

Top 10 UK Universities according to the QS Rankings 2018:

1. University of Cambridge – ranked 5th
2. University of Oxford – ranked 6th
3. University College London – ranked 7th
4. Imperial College London – ranked 8th
5. King’s College London – ranked 23rd
6. The University of Edinburgh – ranked 23rd
7. The University of Manchester – ranked 34th
8. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – 35th
9. University of Bristol – ranked 44th
10. The University of Warwick – ranked 57th

High Quality Education

The UK Universities are inspected regularly and uphold the high standards of quality education, learning and teaching. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) assures academic quality, conduct quality assessment reviews and checks how UK universities and colleges maintain standards and quality in UK higher education.
The UK provides the best quality education and excellent student’s career opportunities. The high standard of UK education system is highly recognized and respected throughout the world.
According to the survey, 91 percent of international undergraduates are happy with their experience in the UK.

UK Scholarships

Many universities in U.K. offer scholarships to international students, especially at postgraduate and research level, to reduce your course fee. For Indian students, there are many scholarships but you will need to gain acceptance to the course for the university.

• Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships – These scholarships are for Indian students who want to pursue doctoral studies at St John’s College, Cambridge. This scholarship covers tuition fees, international airfare, monthly stipend to cover living expenses, UK visa.

• Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan – This scholarship is offered by the common wealth countries to the citizens of other commonwealth countries who want to pursue Master’s degrees. This scholarship covers tuition fee, international travel and other allowances.

• Hornby Scholarships – The Hornby scholarships are MA scholarships offered to English teachers to allow them to study the English language and teaching for a year in the UK.

• Rhodes Scholarships – This scholarship is offered to Indian students on the basis of outstanding intellect to study at the University of Oxford. This scholarship covers tuition fees, airfare and stipend for living expenses.

Work while you study

There are some colleges and universities that allow students to work while studying. You can work for 20 hours per week as a part-time job or internship while you study in the UK. You may find a part-time job in the accounting and professional services sector, banking, insurance, retail etc. You can also get placement during vacation to develop your skills and gain practical knowledge.

English Language Skills

The United Kingdom is also known as the home of English. The UK is the best place to develop your English Language Skills as you will always be surrounded by the native speakers who speak English every day. Pursuing an English language course in the UK is all about learning with fun including games, problem-solving concepts and discussions.

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