Top Undergraduate Courses to Study in Canada

Undergraduate Courses to Study in Canada
Top Undergraduate Courses to Study in Canada

Top Undergraduate Courses to Study in Canada

Canada attracts students from all over the world to pursue undergraduate courses. It is fast emerging as one of the most popular destinations to study abroad. International students give preference to top undergraduate courses to Study in Canada. Its top-tier Undergraduate courses with excellent quality of education make it one of the world’s top places to study.

When you’re finalizing what you want to study at the Undergraduate level, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. Besides your area of interest & marks, you have to consider your career goals and future career prospects. Choosing one of the Top Undergraduate Courses will ensure a bright future and career progression. Lets shortlist some of the Top Undergraduate Courses to Study in Canada.

Popular UG Courses to Study in Canada

  1. Engineering- Bachelor of Engineering is one of the most popular UG Programs in Canada. Canada is one of the best educational providers in engineering concepts. Canada is inviting international students to study & work.
    1. Why Study Engineering in Canada?
      1. Many options of Engineering courses to choose from
      2. Encouragement to experimentation & innovation
      3. High Remuneration for Engineers
      4. Top-notch Research hub
      5. Safe & friendly environment for students
    2. Best Engineering Colleges in Canada
UniversityBest Universities in Engineering Rank
University of Toronto54
University of Waterloo57
University of British Columbia63
University of Alberta73
McGill University93
  1. Tuition Fees- The average annual cost to study undergraduate engineering degree in Canada ranges from CAD 10,000 – CAD 50,000 (approx.), depending on the course and university the student chooses.
  2. Engineering Tuition fees for some of top Universities
UniversityAnnual Tuition Fees
McGill University$37,000 (approx.)
University of Toronto$47,000 (approx.)
University of Alberta$26,000 (approx.)
University of British Columbia$35,400 (approx.)
University of Waterloo$33,700 (approx.)
  1. Popular Engineering UG Programs in Canada
    1. Computer Science & Engineering
    2. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    3. IT & Network Engineering
    4. Chemical Engineering
    5. Software Engineering
    6. Aerospace Engineering 
  2. Information Technology- Information technology offers bright career prospects to those students to whom computing, telecommunications, hardware, & software interests them. Canada remains as the top choice for Study Abroad destination for information technology courses. Information technology is the art of using computers to create, store, process, & retrieve all kinds of data & information. Today Canada boasts of around 5 lakhs IT professionals, working in diverse fields right from project management, information security, data analysis & software development.
    1. Why Study Information Technology in Canada?
      1. Global competence in IT sector
      2. Variety of options (degree, diploma, post graduate diploma)
      3. Hand-on experience
      4. Industry relevant curriculum
      5. Earn while studying
      6. Low crime rates
      7. Lively culture
    2. Best Information Technology Colleges in Canada 
UniversityQS World University Rankings 2022
University of Toronto26
McGill University27
University of British Columbia46
University of Alberta126
University of Montreal111
  1. Cost of Studying Information Technology in Canada- The Tuition fees to Study Information Technology in Canada differs on the basis of university selection and location of university. Take a look at the below table for the average approximate costs and specified duration:
Course NameAverage CostDuration
Graduate diplomaCAD 14,000 -15000 (approx.)1 to 2 years
Bachelor’s degreeCAD 18,000-CAD 1,00,000 (approx.)2 years around
Bachelor’s degree with HonorsCAD 70,000-CAD 90,000 (approx.)2 to 4 years around
Master’s degreeCAD 20,000-CAD 40,000 (approx.)2 years around
  1. Business Management- Business Management is one of the most Popular UG Courses to Study in Canada. If you are inspired to venture into the corporate world of business & management, then Canada is the desired destination  for you. Canadian universities are expert in training you in organizing, planning & analyzing various types of business operations.
    1. Major streams in Business Management
      1. Accounting
      2. Economics
      3. Marketing
      4. Finance
      5. Entrepreneurship 
      6. Business administration
    2. Tuition Fees- Tuition fees differ across universities. The average annual cost ranges between CAD 15,000-CAD 25,000 (INR 9 lakhs to 15 lakhs (approx.)
    3. Best Universities for Business Management in Canada
      1. University of British Columbia
      2. University of Toronto
      3. McGill University
      4. York University
      5. Centennial College
  2. Hotel Management- Hotel Management UG Program in Canada trains students in the fundamental areas of hotel operations, catering, culinary arts, & menu planning. Hotel management graduates get excellent placements in corporate hospitality, resort & hotel management, global tourism management & hotel operations.
    1. Why is Canada the best for Hotel Management courses?
      1. Bright career opportunities
      2. Exception industrial opportunity
      3. Various courses & specialities
      4. High payment opportunity
    2. Popular Hotel Management Courses
      1. Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management
      2. Diploma in Food & Beverage Management
      3. BCom in Hospitality and Tourism Management
      4. MSc Tourism and Hospitality
      5. Master of Arts in Tourism Management
    3. Popular Universities in Canada for Hotel Management Courses 
UniversitiesCourseDurationAverage Tuition Fee
Centennial CollegePost-secondary program in Hotel Operations Management2 Years(4 Semester)Approx. 17,000 CAD
Royal Roads UniversityBA in International Hotel Management4 Years900.00 (approx.)/ credit
St Clair CollegeOntario College Diploma in Hospitality- Hotel and Restaurant2 Years20,000 CAD/ year
Fanshawe CollegeDiploma in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management1-2 Years32,000 (total) CAD (approx.)
  1. Tuition Fees- Tuition Fees range from 10 to 22 lakhs (INR) per year (approx.).
  2. Psychology- Psychology is one of the most preferred UG Programs in Canada. Psychologist career is one of the highest paying ones in Canada. There are plenty of job opportunities for psychologists in Canada.
    1. Careers after Psychology
      1. Clinical Psychologist
      2. Counselor
      3. Art Therapist
      4. Vocational Counselor
      5. Aviation Psychologist
    2. Best Universities for Psychology
UniversityQS University RankingCourseTuition Fees
University of Toronto26B.Sc(Hons) PsychologyCAD 60,000 (approx.)
Memorial University of Newfoundland751B.Sc(Hons) PsychologyCAD 11,000 (approx.) (1st year)
University of Saskatchewan458B.A (Psychology)CAD 21,000 (1st Year) (approx.)
University of Guelph581B.Sc (Psychology)CAD 19,000 (1st year) (approx.)
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