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India is one of the countries where hundreds of students go abroad for foreign education every year. Many students choose the USA to pursue higher education. It is one of the top destinations for students from across the globe. Studying abroad helps a student in various ways, which are as follows:

  • They get the global perspective and get to widen their career scope. They also get an opportunity to experience different cultures in the world, which grooms their personality and thinking.
  • They get to create a global network of social contacts.
  • It also helps in improving communication skills.
  • Studying abroad helps in becoming self-dependent by developing great problem-solving skills.
  • It also helps in exploring new concepts and ideas.
  • It helps in becoming an all-rounder and exploring better prospects.
  • It also makes you a global citizen.

If you are looking for an overseas study consultant for the USA in Delhi, AEC is the best place for you. We help students at every stage, right from choosing the right course to college and getting through VISA and admission procedures.

Here’s a look at how we can help you in the process:

Career guidance

Counselling is one of the first steps which help in deciding the right course as well as college. It helps the students in identifying their skills and potential and making an informed decision. Such counselling can only be offered by an experienced education consultant. Our consultants also suggest the best university for a specific course that they wish to pursue. They also guide the students about the right time for taking admission to a particular university. 

Guidance about admission

The right consultancy can help students in telling them about the options of universities which offer the desired course. Our consultant also helps students by guiding them about the fee structure and estimated expense of staying in the USA, along with guiding them about the admission procedure.

Success rate

When you apply for admission to a foreign university via a consultant, we enhance your chances of successful admission and VISA approval. When students apply on their own, chances of rejection are always there. This is because we are updated with via checklist along with immigration policies, etc.

Financial guidance

Studying abroad needs significant financial investment, and it can be burdensome for students and parents. We help students in finding the right loan options as well as scholarships so that the financial burden can be eased. We also help in estimating the amount that will be required for studying and living abroad for the duration of the course. 


When you plan to study abroad, you need several documents at every step, right from visa to admission and loan to scholarship. We help students at every stage of documentation and make the journey hassle-free. When our experts guide students for documentation, the chances of success improve. We also counsel them before they depart from the homeland. 

Accommodation guidance

As an overseas education consultant, we offer guidance to students in finding the right accommodation as we have tie-ups with universities. We also offer contact details of relevant people who can help with accommodation. 

Apart from education and accommodation guidance for the USA, we also enlighten students about what type of jobs they can find abroad and earn an attractive amount of money along with their studies. This helps them in earning money and supporting themselves financially. It is very common for students abroad to work simultaneously along with studying. 

If you are looking for study in USA consultants in Delhi, get in touch with our team today. 

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