Useful Tips for Women to be Safe While Studying Abroad


Now more and more girls prefer studying abroad. The high-quality education system along with the globally accepted degree and better job opportunities have led several women to follow their dreams of studying abroad. When there are countless perks attached to studying at an international university, it is extremely important for you as a woman to pay attention to their safety as well.

The following are some useful tips for women to be safe while studying abroad, which one can keep in mind to ensure their safety while fulfilling your dream of studying abroad:

Tip 1: Be wary of the surroundings and the people you interact with

While you are away from your loved ones, it is important to keep your guard up all the time. Whether you are interacting with your ‘neighbours’ or ‘friends’, always stay alert for anything suspicious or that raises a red flag. Count on someone only when up feel safe and secure. In case of anything wrong, inform someone you trust.

Tip 2: Do not get a ride or get into an unauthorized or unlicensed cab

Whether a lady or man, it is never a safe bet to hitchhike a ride. It is undeniably not a safe practice at all in any city or country. Similarly, if you have your car or bike to ride, do not stop anywhere to hitch a ride on the road or highway.

Tip 3: Do not leave your food or drink unattended at a party or gathering

It is a malicious prank to spike a food or drink of a girl who is not cautious. It is suggested to hold your food plate or drink in your hand. If not, then keep it closer to you. Stay alert as some stupid people can mischievously add intoxicating elements to your plate of food or drink. If you find yourself feeling dizzy or light-headed, then ask someone you trusted to take you back home.

Tip 4: Understand that social and other etiquettes are not like India

If you have lived and grown up in a conservative society, you may find the western culture and social behaviour too liberal. There are chances that you misread social signals and face issues. Before you fly to your dream destination, it is always good to read up everything related to social behaviour and etiquettes along with the norms followed in your host nation.

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Tip 5: No need to compromise on your ethics and values to ‘fit in’

Some women think that they have to compromise or shed their ethics to become a part of or fit in western society. However, that is not true. It is completely your personal choice. You only do what you feel is right for you, not what other people dictate to you. It is important to be flexible but only as much as you feel comfortable. People who assert their views and ideas typically earn the respect of their friends and colleagues in the long-term.

Tip 6: Understand things and accept accordingly

It is a good idea to meet the basic level of acceptance in terms of cultural adaptation. Learn about the traditions, behaviours, and dresses that are acceptable for women in the host country. Keep one important point in your mind – there are certain things that you may find acceptable in your host country but they may not be acceptable in other cultures. However, it is important to ensure that you are not crossing the lines and unintentionally offending others.

Tip 7: Learn to handle your finances and expenses independently

When you were at your home, you may have taken the guidance or help of your parents or close friends in managing your finances. But, when studying abroad, you are the only person to take care of and manage your daily expenses. Hence, you need to learn ways to easily transact with foreign currency and save some money diligently. Additionally, you will need to make plans to financially secure yourself. You will face certain issues if you do not learn the ropes of financial management timely.

Tip 8: No need to stand out in the crowd while travelling

Wearing expensive jewellery or flashy clothes is nothing but an invitation to troubles. And you surely do not want the attention of muggers in a lonely sidewalk or the subway. The best way to keep such problems at bay is by blending in with the locals when travelling alone around the city always.

So, what to do next?

So you just read some useful tips for women to be safe while studying abroad. Just plan for your dream country, university, and course. Because you are a lady, it does not mean you should give up on your dreams. You have the full right to fly high and achieve your life goals. And the icing on the cake is that most international universities and colleges offer extensive support and help for women students. Some special international groups and bodies are there to focus on the needs and safety of women. In case you run into trouble, just get in touch with them and they will provide you with relevant solutions.

What can we do for you?

Well, AEC can be your partner in the journey of study abroad. You can get in touch with us and our team will help you find the best and safest place for your higher education. We also assist in admission application, study visa, pre-departure and post-arrival, and scholarships and financial aids. For more details, contact us on +91-8448446609 or 011-43334444. You can also write your queries to us at So need not to worry, just spread your wings because you are born to fly high.

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