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What Are The Top Courses To Study Abroad?


Pursuing education abroad is growing popular with many Indian students. It has many benefits like access to the best quality education in the world, jump start in career opportunities, development of globalized world view and opportunity to explore the world and learn about foreign cultures.

Some of the popular fields and courses to study abroad are:


This is an attractive field for many students because of the tremendous job opportunities which it offers. Engineers are in great demand all around the globe and earn 20% more than other professionals. Various kinds of engineering courses include Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Bio-medical engineering, Electrical engineering, Environmental engineering, and Aerospace engineering. This is one of the most lucrative fields.

Computer science

Courses in computer science have risen in demand with technological progress in the world. A bachelor’s degree provides a firm foundation in Information Technology. A master’s degree introduces advanced concepts and offers the chance to students to specialize in a particular area. Master of Science in Computers is a graduate degree for Computer engineers. Courses in computer science typically have modules in web technology, coding, programming, algorithms, etc.

Information technology

This is a budding industry with many prospects. B Sc. In IT is a Bachelor’s degree encompassing 3 to 4 years of education. Subjects covered include networking, software, databases etc, with a focus on theoretical and mathematical foundations of computing.

Business administration

The MBA or Masters in Business Administration is one of the prestigious and most sought-after courses in the world. This degree is offered by over 60% of universities abroad. The course work in MBA programs focuses on various areas of business-like applied statistics, Accounting, Business ethics, Business communication, Finance, Business Law, Management, Managerial Economics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Operations, and Supply chain.


A degree in medicine is awarded to students after an undergraduate program that lasts for 5 years, while the graduate program lasts for 4 years. Degrees in medicine include Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), Doctor of Medicine (MD), as well as advanced degrees like MSc (Masters in Science), MCH (Master of Chirurgiae), and PhD in Medicine.


A degree in law is awarded to students who have completed legal studies and intend to pursue a career in this field. A legal license is awarded after passing a written exam. LLM (Masters in Law) program included many subjects like Banking Law, Bankruptcy law, Criminal law, Commercial law, Media & Entertainment Law, Human Rights law, Insurance law, Information Technology Law, Real Estate Law, Maritime Law, Trade law, etc.

Social sciences

It focuses on the science of human interaction in society. Subjects include Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Economics, Human geography, Linguistics, Jurisprudence, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Public health, etc.

Tourism and hospitality 

A degree in this field focuses on the hospitality industry. The degree is awarded by universities specializing in this industry and also some business schools. Degrees awarded are termed as Hotel management, Tourism management, or Hotel administration. Cross-cultural competence and leadership skills are taught as part of International Tourism management.


A bachelor’s degree in accounting is required for jobs like accountants and auditors. A degree in accounting may also be required for meeting the needs to be accredited by professional accounting bodies. Professional qualifications in accounting include CA (Chartered Accountancy) and other diplomas and certificates.

Fashion design

A bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design usually takes 3 to 4 years to complete. Such degrees are popular in the US, Australia, and Canada. There are variations like Bachelor of Design Studies and Bachelor of Fine Arts. There is much demand for courses in this field because of the rise in the fashion industry the world over.

Niche courses

Thus, engineering, business, humanities, and social sciences are highly popular fields of overseas study. However, some niche areas of programs to study abroad are booming in popularity in 2021. Some of these are:

  • Ethical hacking and cybersecurity

An increase in cyber-crimes and issues of online security has made this field a popular course of study. Ethical hackers are professionals in cybersecurity who identify security vulnerabilities in the internet space and fix such issues. This legal field of hacking is a highly lucrative career.

  • Eco-technology

Provided by top global universities, this niche program focuses on developing technologies that ensure the sustainable development of our ecosystem.

  • Urban planning and design

It is a special area of architecture that focuses on the creation of sustainable, appealing, and functional city designs and plans. It deals with the design and arrangement of transport systems, public places, and buildings to deal with issues of urban development and human settlement.

  • Econometrics

This special area of economics helps in the use of statistical methods for anticipating and estimating the nature and impacts of economic policies. Economists all over the world use econometric tools to analyse the impact of specialized economic and financial policies on the domestic economy. It is available as bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Job descriptions include economic advisers and financial analysts.

  • Gemmology

This is the art of examining, cutting, and adding value to precious stones and demands practical skills as well as a creative outlook. This specialty is offered by leading universities in the world, including the Gemmological Institute of America, Birmingham City University, and George Brown College.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science

AI is at the cusp of technological revolution, and avenues to learn are wide, including areas ranging from natural language processing to data mining. Data science is also much in demand with the best paying jobs in the world. In the last decade, AI has permeated almost all industries. The more people discover these brilliant fields, the more the learning opportunities and scope of specialization emerge.

  • Dance therapy

For persons who are passionate about dancing and wish to evolve it as a career, the perfect field of study is dance therapy. This degree teaches students the nuances of using dance as a medium to help persons modify their emotional issues and reduce their anxieties and stress. This course is offered by many performing arts institutions in the world. This therapy has proved useful to treat ADHD, eating disorders, depression, and many more.

In sum, these are the leading fields and courses which are becoming popular for studying abroad.

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