Why Study in Singapore

Why Study in Singapore


Though Singapore is a small country, it has a booming yet extremely stable economy. The country gets a lot of foreign investment as it has a corruption-free society, low tax rates, and a highly-skilled workforce along with a well-developed infrastructure. The rate of unemployment is also very low in Singapore. Students choose this beautiful country as their study abroad destination because of the endless career opportunities available. In addition to international business investments, several reputed global universities and institutions have invested in Singapore as well.

If you are looking for a destination for your study abroad, then the following are the good reasons for why to choose Singapore:

Reason 1: World-class education system

Singapore is the host of many high ranked universities. Some universities and colleges have secured the place in the QS World University Rankings in 2016. The universities and colleges in Singapore are mainly recognized for their high standard education along with engineering, technology, and natural science courses. All these make Singapore as one of the leading educational countries in Asia.

Reason 2: The employment and career opportunities

The strong and stable economy of Singapore is the result of its industrial focus. It means that there are endless career opportunities for graduates. In 2016, the unemployment rate was just 2.2%. Since more and more universities and colleges are offering career-oriented and industry-specific courses and programs, it is projected that more employment opportunities will be available.

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Reason 3: Availability of various education grants

All international students can get the benefits of grants available for their tuition fees. However, the amount may vary depending on the university or college and course selected. In the return of these grants, you do not have to pay the money. Instead of this, you will be required to stay in Singapore and work for at least 3 years, and again, this depends on the course chosen.

Reason 4: Become a part of the most competitive economy

Asian countries are all set to dominate technological advancements and innovations in the years to come. So, no other way is better than getting a head start in the new age of development than by studying and becoming a part of the most competitive economies. Since Singapore is predicted to become a super economy in the coming years, getting a degree from one of its topmost universities will undeniably be advantageous.

Reason 5: No language barriers

The strength of the education system of Singapore is its bilingual policy. The curriculum is available in English but incorporates other languages such as Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay into its teaching. This will also help you learn some new languages.

Reason 6: Singapore is reasonably affordable

When it comes to Asia, Singapore is undeniably one of the most expensive countries to live in. However, it is relatively affordable when compared with other popular destinations such as the United Kingdom and Australia for further studies. With various education grants available to foreign students, it is still one of the best yet affordable study abroad nations you can choose.

Reason 7: Live and enjoy the multicultural values

Singapore is situated close to the hub of south-east Asia. This makes Singapore a diverse and multicultural island nation. People studying, living, and working here have originated from the different corners of the world. Hence, Singapore is the collection of diversified cultures, religions, values, and ethnicities.

What is Next?

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