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Affordable Universities in Singapore for Indian Students

Affordable Universities in Singapore

Singapore is a popular study abroad destination for international students. It offers a lot of high-standard affordable universities. Indian students, in particular, prefer Singapore for  higher education due to its proximity to India. Also due to its quality education, and reasonable tuition fees. Let’s discuss some of the Affordable Universities in Singapore for Indian Students.

Why Study in Singapore?

International students prefer to Study in Singapore for a lot of good reasons. Here are some of the top reasons.

  1. World-class education: Singapore universities consistently rank high in global university rankings and provide a world-class education. The country gives strong importance to research and innovation. It helps international students receive a quality education that prepares them for their future careers.
  2. Multicultural society: Singapore is a cultural melting point. Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western made up its diverse population. Hence, it is a great place for international students to get exposure to different cultures and perspectives.
  3. English-speaking: English is the primary medium of instruction in Singapore. Hence it becomes easy for international students to communicate and mix with the local community.
  4. Safe and clean: Singapore is internationally famous for being a safe and clean country. It has one of the lowest crime rates. Strict government laws promote cleanliness and sustainability.
  5. Affordable: In comparison to other popular study destinations, Singapore offers affordable tuition fees. The cost of living is also affordable. Also, for financially needy students. There are several scholarships and financial aid options available.
  6. Career opportunities: Singapore has a robust economy.  It also houses many multinational corporations, providing graduates with a variety of career opportunities in various fields.

Overall, Singapore is a great study abroad  destination with excellent education, diverse cultures, and vast career opportunities.

Application Process to Study in Singapore

The application process to study in Singapore is dependent on the choice of the university and the program. International students have to first fulfill admission requirements. These include:

  • Academic transcripts;
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Letters of recommendation

International students can submit an online application through the University’s website or through the Singapore Ministry of Education’s centralized application portal. Also, international students have to obtain a student visa to study in Singapore. Please ensure all the deadlines are met.

Let’s check some of the Affordable Universities in Singapore for Indian Students:

  1. National University of Singapore (NUS)- National University of Singapore (NUS) is one of the top-ranked universities in Asia. It offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The tuition fees for Indian students range from S$17,900 to S$50,800 per year, depending on the program.
  2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)- Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is also one of the top-ranked universities in Singapore. It offers programs in engineering, science, business, and humanities. The tuition fees for Indian students costs between S$16,500 to S$38,600 per year. 
  3. Singapore Management University (SMU)- Singapore Management University (SMU) is another top-ranked private university in Singapore. It specializes in business, law, and social sciences. The tuition fees for Indian students varies between S$26,150 to S$38,050 per year.
  4. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)- Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is also one of the top-ranked universities in the area of Technology and Design. It specializes in engineering, architecture, and design. The tuition fees for Indian students varies between S$19,800 to S$31,200 per year.
  5. Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)- Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields such as engineering, healthcare, and hospitality. The tuition fees for Indian students costs between S$20,600 to S$26,700 per year.


Singapore offers the best academic courses at a reasonable cost. It is a great option for Indian Students looking for study abroad destinations. Singapore also offers several scholarships and financial aid options for needy students. For e.g Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) offer fully-funded scholarships for PhD programs at NUS, NTU, and SUTD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Singapore affordable for Indian students?

Singapore is a vibrant city with a booming economy and world-class universities. While it is more expensive than some other Asian countries, still the tuition fees appear  affordable for Indian students. The cost of living in Singapore depends on the individual’s lifestyle and requirements. But, there are a lot of options available for budget-conscious students, such as choosing shared accommodation, public transportation, and affordable food options.

Also Universities in Singapore offer scholarships and financial aid to international students for financially needy students. While Singapore may not prove cheaper for Indian students, it is still an affordable high-quality education destination.

How much does it cost to study in Singapore for Indian students?

The cost of studying in Singapore for Indian students depends on the selection of the university, program, and lifestyle. Undergraduate programs cost between SGD 10,000 to SGD 20,000 per year. Postgraduate programs cost from SGD 20,000 per year. However, Singapore universities offer scholarships and financial aid to needy international students.  It can reduce the cost of studying in Singapore. The cost of living (food, transportation, and other expenses) ranges between SGD 300-800 per month, depending on the individual’s lifestyle.

Is a Singapore degree valid in India?

Yes, a degree earned in Singapore is considered as valid in India.  Most Singaporean universities are internationally recognized. Most of them have partnerships and collaborations with universities in India and around the world. After completing the necessary procedures, Indian students who graduate from Singaporean universities can work for their degrees recognition by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). However, it is always advisable to ensure that the Singapore degree is recognized and accepted in India.

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