Complete Pre-Departure Guide for Indian Students


Complete Pre-Departure Guide for Indian Students
Kudos to all the students who have finally got an opportunity to fulfil their dream of studying abroad. So, before you tie your shoelaces and leave your homeland to experience world-class education, there are certain things every student should be aware of before flying to their dream destination. This post will provide you with all the basic yet necessary details which you can refer to as ‘Pre-Departure Information’.

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Necessary Documents Needed by Indian Students

Before you pack your bags and leave, you need to arrange all your necessary documents related to your education which you will need to submit before admission to your preferred international university. Here are the documents that you should always keep handy:

  • Original and copies of marks sheets of class 10, 12, and bachelor’s (if any)
  • 2 Letter of Recommendations (LOR) from the teachers/professors who have taught you in school/college or from the employer/manager if you are working
  • Offer letter sent by your respective university
  • Updated resume
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Travel and medical insurances
  • The score of IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT
  • Proof of funds
  • Certificates to validate your participation in various extra-curricular activities

Safety Tips for Indian Students

If you are soon going for your further studies abroad and clueless about the host country, you must follow the below-listed tips to make your experience hurdle-free and delightful:

  • Always be aware of your settings
  • Never roam alone in the night, if it is extremely important to go out, take a friend with you
  • Be careful when you jog or walk. Just keep in mind that drivers in some countries use the left side of the road, so do not use that side
  • Use public transports or official cabs only
  • Always keep your passport in your bag, however, be extra careful while/before showing it
  • Do not attract the attention of snoopy eyes by wearing expensive clothes, jewellery, and accessories in public

Useful Packing Tips (Do’s and Don’ts)

While flying abroad, you cannot take your entire home with you. Hence, you need to pack smartly and carefully to save space for important items. If you do not know where to get started, look at the following:

Things You Should Pack 

  • Keep all your relevant documents along with visa and passport before leaving your place
  • Foreign currency
  • Overseas SIM card
  • Do not carry a lot of cash with you. Instead, carry a FOREX card
  • Documents related to medical insurance
  • Electronic gadgets such as phone, laptop, power bank, charger, etc.
  • Pack clothes as per the weather pattern of your host country

Things You Should Not Pack

  • Expensive electronic gadgets and other items
  • Lots of snacks and food items
  • Culturally inappropriate clothes
  • Liquor and drugs
  • Unnecessary accessories
  • Huge collection of books and magazines

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Check the Accommodation Options Available

If you are leaving your country for higher education, then you should make the right decision regarding your accommodation. Listed below are some of the types of accommodation available for international students:

  • On-Campus: This is one of the most common modes of stay and also called the ‘Student’s Hall of Residence’. Most of the new students choose to stay on-campus in their first year as it is the most convenient and safest mode of accommodation.
  • Off-Campus: Generally, students move to off-campus accommodation after their first year in the university as they got enough time to make friends, explore the place and find a suitable stay option. When you choose to stay off-campus, you typically rent an apartment and share it with your friends or with roommates. You can search for a suitable off-campus option either online or directly through an agent.
  • Homestay: If you want to get a home-like feel while studying abroad, then this option is just for you. When you choose a homestay, you will be living with a family who would be your host as well. The homestay option will provide you with a true sense of home feeling, comfort, and security.

Closing Remarks

We hope that after reading “Complete Pre-Departure Guide for Indian Students”, you will be able to travel without any hurdles. For further details regarding the same, get in touch with AEC. Here, our experts and dedicated career counsellors will try to sort out all your queries related to study abroad and help you achieve your dreams.

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