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If free education is something that you require, then Germany is the place for you.

Germany not only `primary reason why students are flocking to Germany for higher education but there are several other reasons why Germany is “the” place for students worldwide. The other benefits are by no means small which make Germany an attractive place for students who desire further education are:

  • Quality education. The courses offered by universities offer minimum level of education which is monitored by internal as well as external accreditation agencies. Though the quality of education may differ from university to university, a way to find out about the quality of different courses is by looking at the rankings of various universities worldwide. There are many universities like the universities of Berlin, Heidelberg and Munich which rank in the top 25 universities around the world in terms of quality of education being offered.
  • The infrastructure and the curricula is modern and updated. The education is supported by latest technology which makes the education cutting edge and at par with the education available anywhere worldwide. There are several universities offering higher education in the field of Social sciences, law and economics, Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Arts and humanities, Computer science, Health and social welfare, Education science, Physics and Biological sciences.
  • Worldwide recognized degrees. The degrees which are offered by the German universities are at par with the degrees offered anywhere in the world like bachelors, masters, PhDs etc. The number of master’s programs in Germany has recently increased. Students can choose from about 110 universities (Universitäten) and technical universities (technische Universitäten) and 220 universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen).
  • Cost of living. The cost however does differ from place to place in Germany. Students are eligible for numerous price concessions. If you present your student ID at the ticket counter, you can receive concessions on entrance fees to theatres, museums, opera houses, cinemas, public swimming pools and other cultural venues.
  • Job Opportunities. While the students from other countries have access to free education but they still need to pay for their living expenses. The students from EU are permitted to work in Germany but students from outside need to apply for a work permit and their work hours are limited too. However, finding a job is not a problem for non EU students. In fact, many big companies offer internships which enable students to get jobs there in future.

Thus, Germany is one country which offers a lot of benefits to its own students and students around world and makes it a favourite study destination with everyone.
We at Aec Overseas, Provide the Indian Students a chance to get Admission in their dream college of Germany in various Stream and courses. From the last 11 Years we helping the students to get admission and Study in Germany, also help them to meet with University Represenatives at our place to know about the Admissions, Courses, Scholorships, Work Opportunity, Accommoodation, Pre Departure and Visa Solutions.


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