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Planning to go to Germany for higher education? Confused about your choices? Do you need assistance with your decision-making process? If you’re looking for an overseas study consultant for Germany in Noida, then you should come and consult with us at AEC today! We provide the student with the utmost assistance that is required during this confusing phase of the decision-making process as we all know that moving abroad for studies is big and life changing. 

At AEC, we not only provide students with guidance through the admission process but help on career counselling as well if the student is having difficulties with choosing what’s best. 

How AEC ease your process of admission?

  • Student profile analysis – We help the students understand themselves and chalk a career path. We assess the student by personally discussing their fields and liking towards their subjects. We help them choose a course that would fit best according to their profile and suggest options that would be in their best interest. Knowing a student’s aptitude is necessary, and at AEC, we have counsellors who are professionally skilled and updated with all the upcoming opportunities a student can easily grab. We have a 360-degree course cum country planning session with our qualified counsellors who shall match your career aspirations and academic interest with the best-suited university. 
  • Career counselling – When it comes to making decisions about careers, students often tend to get confused or are uncertain about their choices. This is why mentorship is important to help students in making the right decisions. Our experts help students solving queries such as which country would be the best and why to pick the course that would be suitable with their profile the most. Learning from others in this matter is important, and therefore, we share our knowledge with the students as learning from an expert is a much better option than from anywhere else. 
  • Financial aid and scholarships – As we know, the entire process of moving abroad for studies can be quite challenging for some students in many aspects. One of them can be financial aspects. At AEC, we understand these problems and help out students in getting loans or any other financial aids. Also, we are always up to date with upcoming scholarships provided by foreign universities to eligible students, and we make sure that we try this use this as a benefit for every student who consults with us. 
  • Guidance with visa – When it comes to visas, we do not want to take any chances. All AEC students receive free visa counselling, visa file preparation & mock training for visa interviews from our experienced visa counsellors. We make sure that the student is prepared extensively to answer the interview questions that can rather be difficult. We help the students in a way that the whole process goes smoothly without any hassles. 

Why Germany?

Though Germany has not been a traditionally famous study abroad objective for Indian students, it offers a myriad advantage for understudies who need to study and work abroad. The two significant points of interest for Indians seeking advanced education in Germany are affordability and employment after the course. German colleges additionally offer choices to seek after either eighteen months or a two years Master’s degree depending upon the student’s career plan.

Why AEC?

At AEC, every student is our responsibility, and we have been successful in delivering what we have promised, and we aspire to do so in the future as well. So, if you are looking for study abroad consultants for Germany in Noida, schedule with us today, and don’t miss a chance for the best guidance! 

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