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What is CAIPS?

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CAIPS stands for the Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System which is an online system. To start with, this system is operated and managed by the Canadian visa offices wherein the records of visa applications is kept that are submitted with the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These records are kept in the form of electronic notes that are called CAIPS notes. These e-notes consist of the details of the visa application of the respective applicant. Furthermore, the information contains the location on which the visa application is submitted, details of visa assessment along with the remarks given by the visa officers on the particular application. Moreover, the system is now replaced by the Global Case Management System (GCMS).

This system provides CAIPS notes to give prospective applicants an important insight in their visa application by giving them the reasons for visa refusal, missing documents (if any), and the reason for landing on such a decision.

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