Role of a Study Visa Consultant Towards Students

Role of a Study Visa Consultant Towards Students


More and more students aspire to study abroad. It’s not only the students who are passionate about studying overseas, but also the parents who wish to see their child/children study in a reputed overseas college/university. And why not? Studying abroad has many benefits. It offers you the chance to broaden your horizon, get multiple subjects and course options, and brightens your prospects of a lucrative job. The reputation of some leading international colleges and universities is such that students from far and wide travel to these countries to get a degree.

Even though there has been a rise in the number of colleges and universities in India, it still lacks in providing quality education and top-notch infrastructure. People have realized the significance of studying abroad, and the last 10 years have seen a huge number of Indian students getting enrolled in top international educational institutions. It not only paves the way for a successful and lucrative career but gives them a chance to experience different cultures, get global exposure, and enable them to live a life of confidence and success. So, how do students go about in the process of studying abroad? It’s none other than seeking guidance and advice from overseas study consultants.

Challenges Students Face Aspiring to Study Abroad

Getting admission to an overseas college is no easy task. When choosing a college in India, you had a localized competition, but when it comes to getting enrolled in international colleges, you face stiff competition from laudable students from all parts of the world. To ensure admission to a desired university/college, one needs meticulous planning and implementation.

The overseas education consultants will do the needful from choosing a country, College, or University to availing bursaries and scholarships. They will enlighten you on the merits and demerits of all the well-known colleges and universities abroad. And if a student fails to get admission to the desired college/university, the education consultant will suggest alternative universities in terms of preference and popularity.

Roles Played by Abroad Education Consultants

 Some roles played by overseas education consultants are as follows:

  1. Assessment of profile: The abroad education consultant will look into, understand and evaluate the student’s profile and then provide and recommend them with the best study courses and suitable program in international colleges.
  2. Selecting the University: The overseas study consultant will help the students find the best University with international recognition and top-quality education. The expert will guide and advise a student to make a final decision about the University of their choice. They offer guidance to the students regarding scopes, the student hub, etc.
  3. Admission Processing: The study consultants will help students fill up their admission forms in an easy and hassle-free manner, getting ready the financial documents, paperwork processing, and applying for a visa. Most well-known overseas education consultants also guide their students regarding the admission time of different colleges and universities, approximate expenses, fee structure, and more. They make all the arrangements for the admission of a student. Firstly, they will bring the student to the expected level of qualifying tests. The result of the qualifying exam will determine the future plan. Besides assisting with the admission procedure, they also help students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses
  4. Documents: The study consultant will let the applicant know the requirement of the shortlisted documents well. The consultant will help the students to put each document in order beforehand. They will also take care of the funding and scholarship process, considering each aspect of the students.
  5. Education Loans: The overseas education consultant will pass on all the details regarding education loans and help get loans from banks and arrange financial aid.
  6. Estimated Expenses: overseas study consultants also guide students about the estimated expenses that a particular overseas university or college demands. They guide students effectively in regard to the expenses involved in studying abroad.
  7. Preparing the Statement of Purpose: The consultant will assist students in preparing a very good, honest, and engaging SOP. They know and understand your actual career goal for which you have decided to study abroad.
  8. Visa Processing: Visa is a major requirement for a student to travel overseas, and if the student is not able to get a visa or renew one in time, it can be a big setback. The study consultant will provide comprehensive information regarding the visa process and also help you prepare for the Visa interview. The consultants are always updated with the latest requirement, immigration policies, change of visa application rules, and visa checklists. They play a very important advisory role to ensure that the students don’t encounter any visa approval problems. Transfer of fees and Visa approval are the two essential responsibilities of the education consultants. They direct students through a procedure that gets them a visa.
  9. Process after getting enrolled: Once the University dispatches an acceptance letter with the student, the study consultants will continue to assist in terms of accommodation, monetary management, lifestyle, etc.

The education consultants teach students how to cope with academic emergencies like lagging in the study program, last-minute enrolment cancellation and equips the student in case of an emergency that demands him to return to his home country. A student needs to abide by the rules and regulations, and deadlines when it comes to the date of course intake, renewal of visa, etc. A study consultant helps in all these regards.

So, here we go with the list of the role of an overseas education consultant. Their helping and co-operative nature, good leadership qualities, problem-solving, and decision-making skills guide any student who is looking forward to studying abroad. They help students fulfil their dreams of enrolling in reputed international colleges and universities and carving a successful future. You may study and research well on the best study abroad consultants before you choose oneThe best study visa consultants will not only help you get admission to a prestigious university of international repute but also build a long-lasting connection that will help in your future study goals.

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