Top 10 Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi

Top 10 Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi
Top 10 Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi

Top 10 Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi

Study abroad consultants in Delhi assist applicants in selecting universities that best match their backgrounds, showcasing those backgrounds, and preparing for the tests particular to each university as well as the VISA interviews. Additionally, they help students get loan approval and prepare their financial records. Study abroad consultants also offer services that ensure the quality of the profiles, resumes, essays, and other application materials. In order to make it simple for students to choose a study abroad consultant based on their preferences, we will share information about the top 10 abroad education consultants in Delhi with you today through this blog.

Here are the top 10 abroad education consultants in Delhi

1. Abroad Education Consultants (AEC)

AEC overseas consistently ranks high on lists of the top 10 abroad education consultants in Delhi. The sheer amount of effort and commitment we have put into assisting Delhi students in pursuing studies abroad has allowed us to reach this milestone. Since AEC Overseas was founded we have sent more than 6000 students each year to their desired destinations to pursue their desired courses at their desired universities. As of 2006, we had amassed more than 20,000 success stories and had one of the best visa approval rates in India at 99 percent. The services we offer include:

  • Student-Profile Analysis
  • Career Counseling
  • University/Course Selection
  • Admission Assistance
  • Visa Guidance
  • Pre-Departure Briefing
  • Post-Arrival Assistance

If you want to reach us then you can contact us on this number 08069029999 or reach our address in Delhi which is 505-510, 5th Floor, Ansal Tower, 38, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

2. Canam Consultants Delhi

Canam provides just one solution for all of your needs. At Canam, they put forth every effort to give students a quick and easy admissions procedure to a variety of foreign educational institutions. Canam has become the most esteemed enrolment service provider amongst students who want to study overseas because of its years of expertise and skill. In order to best meet their needs, interests, and abilities, Canam offers students complete support in choosing universities and colleges with reasonable tuition rates. Advisors help students according to their educational background, areas of interest, and, in certain circumstances, aptitude and career tests. Students have the opportunity to interact with representatives of numerous universities from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Malaysia, and Dubai at Canam.

3. EdNet Consultants Private Limited

Students from all around India, the UK, the USA, the UAE, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore are served by EdNet Consultants, which was created in 2002. On both the undergraduate and graduate levels, they place students in elite universities all around the world, including Ivy League institutions. With them, the students receive admissions proposals and scholarships every year to help them realize their career goals.

4. IDP Education Delhi

IDP is one of the world’s largest providers of international education services. They assist overseas students who wish to study in different Language nations. Their success relies on matching individuals with the correct course, university, and country. They’ve been in business for nearly 50 years, building a massive network of potential with branches in over 30 countries.

5. The Global Exposure

THE GLOBAL EXPOSURE is one of the initial abroad student visa experts in Delhi NCR, advising students on their Overseas Study requirements and aiding them with the Admissions and Visa procedures of various nations. Their company was established in 199.  They have a wealth of knowledge spanning 19 beautiful years, backed up by a team of extremely talented and skillful professionals. They have business partners all across INDIA who use our services.  Their prime objective is to assist students in making the best decision for studying their selected education programs overseas. They can assist you with applying to study abroad as an international student, extending your study permit abroad, and learning about employment while studying or after graduation.

6. AECC Global

AECC Global has been assisting students all around the world in realizing their overseas education ambitions since 2008. They offer top colleges and academic institutions worldwide and provide end-to-end advice and software management services to students considering international education in fantastic countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

7. Rcare Overseas Consultants

At Rcare, the services of the consultants go beyond global education counseling and instead help their students create their professions. They pay to focus on students from the time they choose the college until they land safely at the university and even beyond. They assist students in deciding on the best overseas institutions and programs to help them maximize their potential for a successful career. They also provide other services such as arranging airline tickets, health and travel insurance, and preparation for abroad entrance exams.

8. SIEC Education

SIEC Education Pvt Ltd. is a leading Abroad Education, Immigration Services, and Employment Consultancy Agency that is accredited by AAERI, AIRC, ENZRA, ICEF, and is a Gold member of the British Council in India. Since its inception in 1995, their vast branch network has expanded over three continents, with 22 offices in India and many abroad branches in Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They help prospective students with entrance placements, program and study program selection, university admission preparation, student visa applications, financial planning assistance, and more.

9. ED4WO Private Limited

A group of senior business executives with over 20 years of collective experience founded ED4WO. The founders handled big teams throughout the country as senior executives in major international corporations. Dozens of team members were recruited, trained, mentored, and evaluated by them throughout the course of their extended and illustrious careers. They gained a comprehensive understanding of resource life cycles as a result of their significant experience in managing a big number of personnel. Nowadays, recruiters help genZ choose job paths that will advance them. They recommend relevant courses based on their expertise based on the innate personality characteristics of pupils. In fact, they are likely the only people in their business that help students with life skills even after their studies are completed.

10. Colluni

Colluni, one of the leading overseas educational advisors in Delhi, focuses a great deal on assisting students in making the proper decision when it comes to going overseas. To that aim, they offer University Recognition, Applications Support, Scholarship, Visa, and Financial Assistance, as well as Pre-departure and Accommodation Guidance. Furthermore, Colluni provides students with a variety of study overseas options. These include well-known locations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, as well as places such as France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, and others.


Before you make your decision, we have only two suggestions. First, determine which Delhi-based study abroad advisors provide all of the services you desire, and ensure that the one you select has a speedy response time. Ensure that they are worth the amount you are paying them to accomplish the assignment.

Second, consider what their current and past clients are expressing. You can get a fair feel of the consulting firm they used from these. However, make sure you survey more than one or two individuals. You’ll be able to maintain your objectivity.

If you are a Delhi student wishing to study abroad, we hope that this blog can assist you in locating the top 10 abroad education consultants in Delhi.

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